Selecting the right Enterprise Customer Service for your business

Customer Service is the backbone of brand reputation. Customer delight is the best business strategy that any organization can adopt. Entrepreneurs have come to realize that it's also the most sustainable one. Providing customers with a great experience on their journey has become imperative off late. Customers have become empowered and realized that they don't have to settle for anything short of the best product or service.

The internet has enabled and empowered the Customers, driving businesses to become more Customer-centric. In an age where a sea of information is available at the click of a button, excellent Customer Service is a brand differentiator that creates a competitive advantage. Leveraging technology to deliver superior customer service should become a vital part of any business strategy. But how do you go about selecting the best Enterprise Customer Service? Let's explore for answers.

Elements of a Great Enterprise Customer Service

Customers are no longer looking for just products; they are looking for great user experiences. The trick to finding the best Enterprise Customer Service for your business requires you to think in the shoes of the customers. Mapping your capabilities to customer needs leads to great business solutions and should guide your way along the journey.

End Goal

Before beginning your journey of finding the right Enterprise Customer Service for your business, it is crucial to have an end goal in mind, lest you go lost in the wilderness. Having a pre-defined set of goals clears your vision on your quest and enables you to make better decisions. A few relevant parameters to define are:

● The level of business workflow automation desired

● The size of the team and workforce management

● The volume of workflow to be handled

● A set of minimum key features is required to get going

At each step of the search, at every decision, you can ask yourself "Is this helping me move towards my end goals?". The answer to that question lights your path during important decisions.


You aren't going to redo the Enterprise Customer Service process on a routine basis. So, it makes sense to ensure that the service desk you select is also scalable with the business. The best service desk solutions in the market are scalable, a crucial feature in current market trends. Businesses no longer require decades to grow manifold!

Platforms built on Cloud technology enable seamless service delivery and scalability. Cloud also provides features to enhance the service in the future, to keep pace with customer needs and trends. Applications that are simple to deploy and flexible enough to lend themselves to be enhanced with further development are great candidates from a long-term perspective.


Defining the level of automation required for your business workflow helps you do a parity check of various Enterprise Customer Service desk solutions out there. When it comes to Customer Service, there's a thin line between “outdated customer care” and “too much robotic automation”. You should realize that you are walking a tightrope here!

Automated workflow and routing offers efficiency improvements and improve traceability. When it comes to customer interactions, the customers prefer a human touch. However, that does not rule out the importance of AI, chatbots, and automated emails. Being physically present 24x7 is a difficult proposition for a business, a role played well by chatbots and self-service desks. The idea is to incorporate a little "human character" in the automation to take the edge off of the chatbots and automated emails. After all, the whole idea of investing in Customer Service is to make the customer feel privileged.

Omnichannel service delivery

The numerous channels of communication available today offer the opportunity to connect with your customers on the go at all times. Platforms like WhatsApp, social media, SMS, email, and portals offer various ways to serve your customers at their convenience. A key feature required in the Enterprise Customer Service desk is the ability to deliver service through multiple devices like computers, mobiles, tabs, and phones.

A vital factor here is the consistency in the quality-of-service delivery through different mediums and channels. The customer should get a unified, consistent experience using the platform. Building content like FAQs and tutorials addressing the pain points identified through historical customer interactions helps close customer queries at the source and improves customer experience.

Collaboration and Workflow routing

Remote working is increasingly gaining a foothold in the industry. For remote teams, collaborating with team members and sharing expertise is vital for success. We do work in teams, and great teamwork is key to success. Customer Service may require collaboration and exchange of workflow between various departments. A comprehensive Enterprise Customer Service desk should feature tools for collaboration and efficient workflow.

Workforce management and workflow routing are vital features for serving the customers on time and as per their needs. Effective workflow routing enables sending the tasks to the people who have the right skills to solve the customer's problems, improving the customer experience significantly. When customers don't have to wait for call transfers or speak to multiple people to resolve the same problem, customers gain confidence in the brand.

Testing and Demo Run

It is common to try out a product before you purchase. Software service providers offer a trial period and demo for you to try their product in a business setting. The trial period usually lasts a few days where your team can identify the merits and potential flaws of a particular business solution.

Service providers also offer customization specific to the business needs for which you can approach their team and discuss in detail. Ironing out the kinks before making the purchase ensures that you are investing in a service that fits your business needs.

Putting it all together

To summarize, several factors play a crucial role in selecting an Enterprise Customer Service. The decision demands a lot of research, time, deliberations, and demo runs. But in the end, it's all worth it!. If you play your cards right, you will end up with an effective business solution that improves your customer loyalty significantly. If you don’t, then you’ll probably end up with a white elephant that will be just a toy for display. 

At Wolken, we offer state-of-the-art Enterprise Customer Service solutions that drive businesses around the globe. Our passion for excellence in Customer Service has helped us serve many happy customers in various sectors. Our team of professionals with vast experience in delivering industrial solutions works closely with customers to enable our vision and mission. Get in touch with us to know how we can help your business.

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