How Wolken ServiceDesk Scales along with your business to help your business grow

Customer service is the foundation of contemporary business, and customer preferences drive global business decisions. If your company still needs to do so, it is time to participate in course correction. Keeping in touch with your customers is crucial for survival in today's competitive markets, with few obstacles to entry and exit. It should be clearly defined for everyone to understand what is expected of them and how they should fulfil those expectations, roles and duties as necessary to boost production and efficiency.

Every piece of software that support teams use to monitor, manage, and offer fixes for potential difficulties is time-consuming sometimes. Still, the advantages exceed the drawbacks by a wide margin. Therefore, a service desk is a new approach to resolving current IT issues.

Service Desk

A service desk or service management is software enabling businesses to oversee the technological delivery of services to their clients or employees.

Additionally, the service desk tool provides the following:

  • Tools for handling returns.
  • Claims.
  • Issue reporting.
  • Enhances visibility and teamwork across many teams engaged in the same project.  

Service desks are a high automation resource for repetitive or boring jobs; streamlining difficult ones and building a solid line of communication between the IT operations team and the staff and clients in various departments is particularly vital for any business.  

Different Types of Service Desks

Many organisations use service desk tools based on different requirements, so various types of service desk software exist.

  1. Closed-source and open source  

Open-source service desk applications' source code is made available to the general public, so the code that powers the open-source service desk can be copied, deleted, or altered in any other way. But for the close-source service desk, the opposite is true, as the software’s underlying code is proprietary. So the modification choices built within the software are the only alternatives available.  

  1. Cloud-based and on-premises service desk applications  

Cloud-based and on-premise service desks perform similar functions as open- and closed-source service desk software. The distinction only lies in how they're provided, which in and of itself affects the organisation. Your business can host the program on its servers if you acquire on-premise service desk software.  

  1. Business service desks  

Vast enterprises typically have more complex needs, as opposed to smaller firms, requiring direction and help from the software vendor to ensure the service desk is installed correctly. Additionally, they can also need more complex adaptations.  

How Does Wolken Service Desk Increase Your Business Revenue?

Wolken allows businesses to expand their market reach, and the other benefit is cost savings since digital business models require fewer IT resources. SMBs can redirect those dollars toward other, more profitable activities by reducing the cost of computing power, applications, and storage space.

First, it must begin at the top. Although "digital transformation" stops SMBs in their tracks, it should be taken seriously as it is adopting multiple technologies, from SaaS productivity tools to mobile access to business-critical apps and tracking marketing and sales analytics. Moreover, adopting digital platforms eliminate the need for specialised tech skills, as they offer easy-to-use interfaces and UIs.

Next, digital transformation can provide a competitive advantage over large enterprises; as a result, SMBs can monitor a more significant number of people, keep records of follow-ups, and capture a more substantial market share. Additionally, SMBs can improve their operations by leveraging the cloud and other software tools and can also help the business grow exponentially.

Further increased revenues will be realised from the digital transformation of SMBs; as a result, companies that lead the digital transformation process to achieve double the revenue growth of those that do not. Digital transformation can improve operational efficiency and reduce costs for SMBs as it also helps to develop new business models and enhance customer service. In addition, this process can be used for further research and development. Once a digital transformation is complete, small businesses will see significant improvements in all aspects of their operations, including marketing and customer service.

Why Consider Wolken Customer ServiceDesk For Your Growing Business?

The primary benefits of a Wolken Customer ServiceDesk For Your Growing Business are as follows:

1. Improve Process Efficiency

Every business needs specialisation to function perfectly, like a well-orchestrated symphony. The customer care department is not solely responsible for resolving consumer complaints. A Wolken service desk is a single location for client communications. The IT team can fix the problem if a customer complains about constant software downtime.

2. Offer Proactive Customer Support

Customers typically think of someone who called their support team about a problem and had it resolved, while most businesses contemplate customer service.

Even though this strategy is the most well-known immediate assistance is likely to result in flexible agreements. Wolken customer care desk helps you support your customers proactively rather than waiting for them to flood you with support tickets. Additionally, customer problems are something you can anticipate. For example, customers can be informed in advance if the delivery of an item has been postponed due to dangerous weather conditions rather than having to wait for them to ask.

3. Boost Productivity

When your representatives can do their tasks without complications, it is the moment that efficiency rises. By utilising many of a service desk's automated tools, representatives can handle business more quickly and easily. Wolken support desk concentrates on the essential tickets rather than sifting through data to identify the most important ones. If you need to hold a meeting or send an invitation, cross off the ones who should go, choose a meeting letter, modify it slightly, and then hit send. Wolken Customer Service Desk naturally adds it to their schedules once everyone knows about the gathering.

4. Measure Performance with Insightful Reports

Execution estimates allow the company to monitor growth and evaluate progress in setting goals. Higher perspective maintenance on your customer service procedure helps avoid losing clients due to lousy service desk interactions. The service desk can be a definite asset for the company with its informative reports and research.

5. Advanced Reporting

Wolken service desk can track each representative's exhibition and assess their effectiveness, assign a due date to tickets, and then run reports to see which ones were closed on time. As a result, you can set meaningful goals by closing high-need tickets 100% of the time.


Wolken customer care desk is software designed for helping customers. It is a customer service desk, also known as a help centre, and is your company's only point of contact for customer care. Whether interacting with external clients or other stakeholders within the company, the administrative team will benefit from the assistance of this Wolken service desk. In addition, it also handles customer complaints. With all the resources at their disposal, the representatives can provide specialised support and evaluate frequent obstacles impeding your customers' goals.

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