How User Interfaces Combat Challenges in IT Service Management

IT Infrastructure is constantly subjected to the pressures of application management and changing business priorities. Consequently, simplifying the work of IT managers becomes mission critical in these complex environments. Simplified enterprise service desks for IT Service Management systems deliver a better user experience and enable businesses in reducing the gaps between business needs and IT operations.

Here are a few challenges IT managers face today and the latest user interface solution to these challenges. Let us know what you think in the comments.

The Availability Challenge

lWith the complex requirements of global businesses and limited IT budgets, prioritizing the availability of infrastructure is a challenge in itself. IT managers need to appropriately assess and manage the needs of users to find the sweet spot between availability and costs, on an ongoing basis.

The Financial Challenge

Dealing with the complexity of choices in enterprise service infrastructure can be a challenge even for seasoned IT managers with access to healthy IT budgets. Making economically efficient decisions regarding company and third-party assets is necessary to ensure funds are not overwhelmed by expenses. IT managers need to be aware of business priorities and demands at all times, and what is required for future scalability.

The Agility Challenge

As the business moves forward in today’s dynamic market landscape, the needs of the users change. IT managers need to be agile enough to manage changing workloads and allocate different infrastructural assets for managing the same.

The Control Challenge

To manage an IT infrastructure efficiently, IT managers need to be in control of all infrastructure assets and be able to manipulate the same without hassles. However, more often than not, there is little or no visibility into IT infrastructure inventory between ever-changing network, system, and application needs.

The Rise of Unified Interfaces for IT Service Management

Over the last few years, organizations have been investing largely into unified IT Service Management  interfaces that deliver transparency and visibility into IT operations through a unified dashboard. Such modern dashboards also help IT managers deploy infrastructure faster, simplify lifecycle operations and improve productivity with efficient workflow automation.

Investing in an enterprise infrastructure management system, gives IT administrators a holistic view of all IT resources. With a single view dashboard to handle all management and automation tasks, IT managers are now empowered with the ability to audit the entire IT infrastructure, inventory used and unused systems, identify vulnerabilities and distribute resources according to changing business demands. As a result, managing a distributed IT infrastructure becomes cost efficient and manageable without investing in more staff or expertise.

With Wolken Enterprise Service Management solutions, our clients enjoy a unified seamless user experience that helps them manage their IT assets from anywhere, and enhance efficiency in their business processes.

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