Accelerate your Customer-Service Strategy with AI

Customer Service should be a top agenda item for any enterprise. As the adage goes, an enterprise by spending $1 to retain an existing client saves over $10 that it would spend acquiring a new one. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is proving to be a helpful tool in this regard to focus on key clients and key issues.


The objective of using AI in your Customer Journey maps is understandably to improve employee (agent) productivity, increase customer delight and reduce costs for the enterprise. Indiscriminate use of AI naturally makes for bad outcomes, so, a lot of thought and care is needed to choose the right areas to apply the technology, use the right tools and framework. Once done, AI blends seamlessly in an Enterprise’s Customer Service Operations.


AI is work in progress in the Customer Service industry and is finding a way to permeate into the right areas. At Wolken, we are seeing use cases in both front end and back end of the Customer Service e.g. auto categorization, auto assignment, workforce load management etc. Though, the early adopters were Healthcare popularized by Watson from IBM, entertainment industry and education, these days, we are seeing an increased uptick in AI being applied to the Customer Experience industry. Typical use cases in this area are case identification, customer identification, auto routing, Conversational Bots, and predictive personalization. Technologies like Biometrics, facial recognition has come under sharp criticism recently following civil unrest in a few countries. In the short term, we see a resistance to this.


Intent remains the big-ticket item in terms of predicting customer requirements. Intent has matured over time because handling difficult subjects like sarcasm from the customer was giving rise to erroneous outcomes. That however has been addressed. As customer experience has moved to the omnichannel domain, we have recently seen how insurance aggregators are able to offer the best premium for your vehicle through conversational bots even if the conversation was carried out in languages other than English. So, this multilingual feature has broadened the scope and market for the technology.


According to a survey carried out by TCS, around 30% of the use cases of AI is moving towards improving Customer Experience and augmenting employees (agents).

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Rohan Joshi