Reshaping Customer Service Desks with Generative AI Support

Nowadays new technologies are being introduced from time to time, making things a bit easier for individuals and businesses than it was earlier. Such advancement in technology is the introduction of AI, which helps businesses achieve competitive strategies and organizational goals. This digital transformation in customer service is reshaping the entire scenario; Generative AI customer support like Wolken Gen AI is a blessing to customer support service. By adhering to the digital transformation initiative, businesses can bring a real impact to customer service.

Generative AI in Customer Service

Generative AI is a form of artificial intelligence that describes machine learning systems broadly. It is capable of generating codes, images, text, images, code, or other types of content.

Generative AI models are being incorporated increasingly into chatbots and online tools. It allows users to type questions or other things into an input field. Unlike other AI that follow predefined rules, Wolken Gen AI provides a human-like response in the form of text, images, animations, interactions, and other types of data.

One prominent example of generative AI that has garnered a lot of attention is GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3). This model which is known for its language generation capability was developed by OpenAI.

How to Evaluate Generative AI Models?

To evaluate a generative AI model, there are three important requirements that should be given importance. Here are the three factors:

  • Quality: Having a high-quality generation output is necessary for applications that need to interact directly with users. 
  • Diversity: The AI model that doesn’t sacrifice generation quality while capturing minority modes in its data distribution can be termed a good one. 
  • Speed: Speed is another factor in determining the effectiveness of a generative AI model. Many applications require fast responses in real time. So, you should check if the software is able to provide real-time responses. 

Benefits of Generative AI in Customer Service

Generative AI-driven operations in a business help enhance internal productivity and the user experience. Be it by creating new content, facilitating customers, or providing a customer service desk through an end-to-end chatbot, generative AI helps improve the customer experience and enhance business growth. With AI in customer service, organizations could improve business by resolving customers’ requests in less time. It helps in solving more queries in the queue. 

AI in customer service offers various benefits: Let us check out some of the main benefits it offers:

  • Predict Customers’ Needs: AI can predict the needs of customers, allowing proactive and tailored support.
  • Auto-generate Replies: It can auto-generate replies, helping customer service agents engage with customers in real time. 
  • Automatic Summary: It summarizes the topics discussed in the conversation, helping agents follow up with the customers without any confusion.
  • Reduces Interaction Time: The automatic summary AI customer service software helps reduce interaction time.
  • Enhanced Personalization: For every business, enhanced personalization is a game changer. Generative AI can analyze huge amounts of customer data based on behavioral patterns, purchase histories, and individual preferences to provide more personalized responses. 
  • Prompt Response to Reviews: Prompt and appropriate responses to customer reviews help a business maintain a positive brand image. When a customer leaves a review by giving their valuable feedback, they also expect a response. Responding to those shows that their feedback is really valuable which in turn provides better customer satisfaction. With Wolken Gen AI, customer support can provide automated but human-like responses to customer reviews in a timely manner.
  • Reduce Stress: Generative AI not only lets the customer support team interact with customers more seamlessly but also reduces the customer support team’s stress, resulting in a remarkable increase in issues resolved per day. 
  • 24/7 Availability: Customers today may require customer care assistance at any time of the day. With generative AI, customers can receive immediate and relevant responses. It fosters customer satisfaction and loyalty, irrespective of geographical boundaries. The ability to offer customer support 24/7 contributes greatly to creating a customer-centric brand image.

How Generative AI is reshaping customer service beyond traditional support?

Generative AI helps businesses in various ways. By understanding preferences, patterns, and pain points by analyzing customer interactions and feedback, businesses can achieve more in less time. 

It represents a departure from traditional rule-based chatbots. Instead of responding to generic, pre-programmed replies, customer service agents can respond naturally with the help of generative AI customer support. 

Generative AI-powered customer service helps in analyzing the myriad data points. It helps in the better personalization of responses based on behavioral patterns, purchase history, and individual preferences in comparison to the traditional support system. With enhanced personalization and natural language conversation in customer interactions, Wolken Gen AI offers enhanced customer satisfaction. It increases the likelihood of repeat purchases and fosters brand loyalty as well. 

With an AI-driven voice recognition system, it could automate voice recognition. This system would easily pass the call to the respective department without any manual intervention. This would ensure that the customer is connected to the right channel effectively and save time.

Case Study: Multilingual AI Support 

Generated AI can be used in customer service to translate FAQs, knowledge-based articles, and chatbot interactions in real time into different languages. It will offer better customer satisfaction by ensuring better customer support, no matter what language they communicate. 

A brand, ‘Sephora’, which is a leading cosmetic retailer employs AI to enhance its customer experience. What it exactly does is, it uses a ‘Virtual Artist App’. This app relies on Augmented Reality (AR) and allows its customers to try various makeup products


It provides customers with a fun shopping experience and helps them make informed

decisions. By scanning the customer’s face and letting them see how the products will look on their skin type, this app acts as an assistant. Overall, it boosts sales while adding an interesting element to the online shopping experience.

Future Trends

The entire landscape of customer service is undergoing a dramatic change. Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all chatbot interactions. The introduction of AI customer service software is empowering customer service by moving beyond traditional chatbots. 

Customers nowadays expect efficient, accurate, and more personalized interaction while interacting with the customer service desk. Wolken Gen AI is truly transforming customers’ journeys with delightful experiences.  

The future of AI-powered customer service can be characterized by advanced integration of technologies and is open to lots of possibilities. Let’s check out some:

  • Generative AI for Personalised Video Message: Customer service representatives use generative AI to create short, personalized video content to troubleshoot a technical issue, explain product features, etc.
  • Generative AI for Self-service Portals: Businesses could make use of generative AI to prepare a self-service portal. The portal would provide troubleshooting guides, personalized FAQs, and interactive tutorials based on customers’ needs. Customers would be empowered and find solutions themselves reducing the workload of the customer support system. 
  • Generative AI for Empathy Coaching: Generative AI could be used to provide personalized coaching to customer service agents based on customer interaction. This would help them to understand the emotions of customers better and respond to their queries with empathy. This would make better the emotional intelligence of the customer service agents, resulting in more positive interactions. 


AI-powered customer service helps businesses unlock new possibilities, offering better customer satisfaction and setting higher standards of customer service. Integrating generative AI customer service software into business operations not only automates customer service but also empowers agents and uncovers a variety of hidden opportunities. With generative 

AI, you are not just enhancing customer service processes; you are actually redefining them. It is changing the customer service scenario in a manner that we have not imagined at all. 


  1. How is generative AI reshaping the customer service desks?

Generative AI in customer support offers customer service agents insightful data and auto-generates replies that are not generic to address the queries. Wolken Gen AI offers faster and more accurate information and suggests the next best action to the conversation. It assists the customer service desks in real time. 

  1. What is the impact of generative AI on customer support?

Generative AI is transforming customer support services to a great extent. It is enabling businesses to provide accurate, instant, and personalized service to their customers. The use of AI-powered algorithms and chatbots helps improve customer satisfaction, and streamline customer service processes. It also helps in achieving cost savings. 

  1. What is the future of customer support with generative AI


With more work being augmented, and enhanced with generative AI, the repetitive and mundane tasks would be done by machines. It would provide employees with more time, which they could utilize in value-added tasks such as creative work, relationship-building, problem-solving, etc.

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