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IT Service Management (ITSM) is the term given to the activities performed by an organisation with the use of ITSM tools. These activities are done to design, build, deliver, operate, etc. IT services provided to customers. It can help organisations understand, monitor, and control various IT assets that help their business grow every day.

ITSM tools make the tasks and workflows related to managing and delivering good IT services easier. They are software applications that enable IT operations organisations to support the production environment. ITSM tool's function is to turn the IT service requests into 'tickets' raised by recognised users. The particular IT problem that calls for a solution from your professionals becomes a record. Then this ticket's tracking, monitoring, analysing, and processing can be done seamlessly.

Why Does Your Organisation Need an ITSM Tool?

ITSM tools are great for making services organised and available in seconds. ITSM software applications can easily turn complex business processes into manageable ones at the click of a button. ITSM tools can help you with a lot of things in your business, such as-

  • Automated workflow: 

ITSM tools make the running of business processes smooth. These processes include software and hardware requests, problems, updates, asset monitoring, resource requirements, etc. Automation of workflow can improve efficiency and also decrease potential downtime. In addition, quick workflows through your system can result in more revenue. 

  • Visibility:

IT Service Management tools help to bring visibility to the workflow related to IT. This is beneficial as it avoids gaps in service delivery. In addition, these tools can help various organisations understand the pros and cons of their system. This is done by using automation, notifications, and reporting. 

  • Monitoring:

Monitoring and understanding an organisation's various information technology services are the first and foremost steps towards managing something as complex as they are. IT Service Management tools offer various reporting functionalities, which allow you to gain insights from everyday operations to ensure the business processes are improving.

  • Management of assets:

Managing the assets of an organisation is done through ITSM tools. In addition, these tools also help you to understand several new resource requirements effectively. ITSM tools help you monitor software and hardware assets spread over the network, streamline upgrades, and manage IT expenses. 

  • Control: 

IT Service Management tools reporting capabilities can help you gain intelligent insights through which you can weed out potential issues. These proactive actions can help you easily plan your future resource requirements and be on top of the game. In addition, with the help of these tools, you can get ahead of the curve for sleek business operations. 

ITSM by Wolken

Wolken ITSM is one of the best ways to take your IT Service Management to a whole nother level. The IT Service Management Application delivered by Wolken allows you to get more control of your business operations efficiently. Technology-driven excellence in service is possible with the help of Wolken ITSM tools. These IT service management tools are familiar with incident management, change request management, problem management, knowledge base, SLA management, etc. 

IT Service Management by Wolken can assist you in staying at the top of your game. It enables you to improve your business functions and resolve internal problems seamlessly and swiftly. Change Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, and IT Asset Management are some of Wolken's exclusive modules for several IT processes. These modules ensure a dramatic increase in productivity and employee satisfaction. 

Wolken ITSM Tools Uses

Wolken IT Service Management is based on the most modern technology and surpasses the industry paradigm for ITSM tools. Their ITSM application has numerous amazing features and delivers the greatest quality. Here are some helpful uses of Wolken ITSM tools -  

  • Automation of workflow: 

With automation and visibility of workflow into the incident, Wolken IT Service Management tools enable your employees to work faster and more efficiently. These tools streamline incident management, including network downtimes, software errors and more. 

  • Integration of enterprise:

Integrate Wolken ITSM tools with your organisation through rich APIs. The Wolken ITSM application comes with in-built application integration capabilities for the well-known set of enterprise applications. 

  • SLA manage:

Let Wolken ITSM manage your SLA standards so that you can concentrate on the core case management. You may create SLA rules, deadlines, escalation procedures, and notifications using the Wolken ITSM tool to ensure you never overlook the tiniest aspect of service delivery.

  • Management of knowledge:

A built-in knowledge base within the Wolken ITSM application records information with each ticket resolution and makes it accessible with the touch of a button. Your IT services can quickly and effectively solve complicated problems with intelligent suggestion systems and knowledge management tools.

  • Company's operations

Modern reporting and analytics provided by Wolken ITSM let you better understand your company's activities. Get informative readings on resource usage, anticipated needs, trouble spots, potential process enhancements, and problem-solving techniques.

You have the power to improve your IT services thanks to the Wolken IT Service Management Tool. The Wolken team is dedicated to providing superior IT services through top-tier goods and cutting-edge technology.

Why is Wolken ITSM the best ITSM tool for your business? 

Configuration management database is known as CMDB. It is employed to keep track of the configuration elements' current status in an IT architecture. CMDB enables IT managers or administrators to keep track of their resources and gain access to updates related to hardware and software. In addition, manage the system's health in relation to a project.

Change Audit: A change audit examines modifications made to a system during a predetermined time frame. Consider the situation when you are working on a project that entails making improvements to current products. In that situation, rather than attempting to recall every change performed throughout the upgrade process, you can use ITSM's change audit feature to track them all.

And what's even better is that it incorporates REST/JSON APIs with additional tools, like test automation or continuous integration tools (such as Selenium). This paints a thorough picture of the procedures involved in software development.


The ideal choice is Wolken ITSM because it comes with many of the capabilities that are included in competing programmes. It also has extra web-based capabilities, such as a module for requirements management. Additionally, it can aid in managing and monitoring product releases for internal and external purposes.

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