15 Best Service Desk Software in 2024

A service desk software will empower your support teams to deliver exceptional technical service to customers. The best service desk software can enable your team to track, manage, update, and respond to service requests from one place, and ultimately provide a fast, helpful, and personalized support experience. An IT service desk software can be considered to be a communications hub that makes it easy for support teams to manage and handle IT-related issues, incidents, service requests, and inquiries from end users. It provides a single point of contact between IT departments and end users for customized and convenient support.

Service Desk Solution Features and Capabilities

Below are some top features of service desk software.

  • Ticket Management:  Being the best service desk ticketing system is the key to dependable service desk solutions. It involves creating, tracking, prioritizing, and resolving tickets related to IT incidents, service requests, changes, and problems.  A service desk software typically allows companies to create custom ticket forms with relevant fields to capture essential information. It makes use of automation to route tickets to the right teams or individuals based on predefined criteria and escalates critical issues as needed.
  • Integration and Collaboration: A service desk software can allow for seamless integration with other IT tools and collaboration platforms to help elevate productivity and data consistency. Chat, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing features can be equipped within the service desk platform to facilitate teamwork and knowledge exchange among agents.
  • Automation and Workflow Management: Automation enhances efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and standardizing workflows.  The best service desk software can assign tickets to appropriate agents or teams on the basis of predefined rules or workload balancing. It may also provide a self-service portal where users can submit and track their requests, access knowledge base articles, and perform basic troubleshooting without agent intervention.
  • Knowledge Management: Knowledge management plays a crucial role in resolving issues faster and empowering users with self-help options. A service desk software can help you create and maintain a centralized repository of articles, FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and solutions for common issues. It also provides robust search capabilities and access controls to ensure users find relevant information quickly and securely.

How to choose the right service desk software?

To choose the right service desk software, you need to know what the benefits of service desk software are. Let's explore!

  • Enhances satisfaction for both customers and employees: IT service desk solutions can provide comprehensive support across multiple channels and enable self-service options. They facilitate swift resolution of IT issues. This leads to improved convenience and satisfaction among both employees and customers.
  • Enhances agent productivity and effectiveness: Service desk software incorporates features such as ticketing systems, intelligent routing, and automated workflows, streamlining processes and enabling agents to manage a higher volume of issues efficiently.
  • Drives down operational expenses: Service desk solutions leverage AI-driven tools like chatbots, which handle routine inquiries and requests from users. This capability allows support teams to allocate resources more effectively, put more focus on complex issues, and reduce overall operational costs.

15 Best Service Desk Software in 2024

  1. Wolken ServiceDesk

    : ServiceDesk by Wolken is among the best service desk software available. It facilitates effective operational reporting through intelligent insights and customizable dashboards. This Customer Service Desk comes with a range of configurable tools that are vital for companies of all types. The key features of Wolken ServiceDesk include a robust knowledge base, pre-built enterprise integrations, and 24/7 backend support. It not only ensures fast responses and satisfactory solutions but also delivers a customized experience in every interaction. Wolken ServiceDesk, one of the best service desk ticketing systems, comes with a one-click customizable to help showcase the important metrics and give service teams visibility into the tickets that require immediate attention.
  2. HelpScout

    : This is a web-based help desk software that helps manage and streamline customer support offerings. The automated workflows and collaborative inbox of HelpScout and its reporting and analytics dashboard allow businesses to swiftly respond to customer support tickets, improve workflow, and optimize team performance.  It is one of the top service desk software that also provides insight into team performance and customer interactions.
  3. Zendesk

    : A scalable solution designed to improve customer relationships, Zendesk can effectively streamline customer support processes. It helps businesses to provide support across multiple channels, including phone, social media, chat, and email, all from a single interface. Zendesk platform puts emphasis on customization and integration, enabling companies to tailor the solution as per their specific requirement and elevate both agent and customer experiences. 
  4. TalkDesk

    : With its innovative technology and seamless integration capabilities, TalkDesk is quite efficient in improving customer support experience. It is easy to use, has a simple and swift setup and can adapt to the specific needs of businesses across diverse industries. TalkDesk is equipped with a range of advanced features like intelligent routing, real-time analytics, and integrations with popular CRM systems. 
  5. Freshservice

    : Freshservice helps in lowering downtime and boosting agent efficiency. The software assists service teams in streamlining ticket resolution and facilitates internal collaboration with a clean, simple interface. Freshservice eliminates time-consuming, repetitive tasks with the help of automation. It improves time-to-value with its no-code platform and expert onboarding services.
  6. Slack

    : Slack is an easy-to-use service desk tool. It can help manage tickets, organize communication, document responses to your knowledge base, answer questions automatically, and more.
  7. Vivantio

    : Vivantio is a cloud-based IT service management platform created to assist businesses in handling service requests, incidents, assets, and personnel. Through its automation capabilities, flexible platform, and software, companies can reduce operating costs, streamline operations, and enhance ticket response times.
  8. Hubspot

    : The help desk solution of Hubspot includes standard features like reporting capabilities and a shared inbox.  Its premium plan includes automation capabilities, a satisfaction survey, and even the option to build out a knowledge base.  The software provides a seamless experience for companies already using HubSpot’s ecosystem, facilitating improved customer data management and personalized support.
  9. Vision Helpdesk

    : Vision Helpdesk allows service agents to effectively plan, structure, and deliver quality service. The system is designed to automate several service desk functions, including service-level management. Vision Helpdesk is a cloud-based and industry-agnostic tool that comes with a gamification feature, helping businesses to incentivize their service agents to meet their targets.
  10. Zoho Desk

    : Zoho Desk assists businesses in handling customer inquiries across various platforms like email, phone, chat, and social media. The software includes tools for managing tickets, automating tasks, organizing knowledge, and analyzing data. These features enable businesses to enhance their response times, decrease backlog, and streamline their operations efficiently.
  11. Salesforce Service Cloud

    : This platform equips service teams with an omnichannel dashboard, a centralized view of customer interactions and case details, as well as a range of native productivity tools. For companies already using Salesforce, the Service Cloud will fit in seamlessly with any other Salesforce systems.
  12. LiveAgent

    : This comprehensive customer support solution provides a blend of traditional and innovative support tools within a single platform. LiveAgent has a robust ticketing system, alongside features like a knowledge base, live chat, and social media integration. It is a versatile platform that supports efficient and swift customer service by providing companies with the freedom to handle inquiries across multiple channels seamlessly. This platform can consolidate all customer interactions into a unified interface, ultimately streamlining the support process and improving the overall customer experience.
  13. SysAid

    : SysAid is an all-in-one IT service management platform. It is designed to manage service requests, incidents, and assets. Through this platform, it becomes easy to automate workflows, route tickets to the right person or team, as well as track the performance of the service desk team.
  14. Jira Service Management

    : Atlassian’s flagship solution, Jira Service Management is a cloud-based platform designed for internal support teams. It is equipped with a range of sophisticated features like automation, incident management, conversational ticketing, as well as native knowledge base integrations. A Confluence subscription, however, would be required to access the knowledge base integration. Jira Service Management helps the team to swiftly set up quickly, continuously adapt, and deliver excellent service.
  15. Kayako

    : This software provides support across multiple communication channels, along with self-service and chat support. Kayako is equipped with a range of collaboration features like adding internal ticket notes and providing clarity on the assigned and non-assigned agent tickets. While this is among the best IT service desk software, most agent-friendly features are only available on their higher-cost plans.


  1. What is Service Desk Management software?

A Service Desk Management software like Wolken ServiceDesk aids in resolving incidents or managing service requests manages departmental knowledge, provides self-service options for customers seeking quick and independent incident resolutions, and furnishes metrics regarding team and tool performance.

  1. How to choose the right service desk software?

To choose the best service desk software, you should particularly analyze the capabilities of the software, like ticket management, automation, knowledge base, reporting, and integrations, and try to identify the one that can effectively match your business needs. Rely on Wolken ServiceDesk if your business is looking for overall team performance optimization and improved workflow.

  1. What are some of the best Service Desk Software?

There are many popular service desk software available today like LiveAgent, Jira Service Management tool, Zoho Desk, and Zendesk. However, ServiceDesk by Wolken is especially considered to be the best service desk software due to its omnichannel support, ticket management, knowledge base, and customer engagement features.

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