6 Reasons Why You Should Have a Customer Self-Service Portal

Having a customer self-service portal empowers your customers to contact you whenever they want to. 24×7 connectivity allows your customers to be connected always, allowing them to connect with you at their convenience.If you don’t have a customer self-service portal or your business, here are 6 compelling reasons why you should:

Convenience for both the customer and the service team

An obvious benefit of having a self-service portal is convenience. Your customer may have to update personal and payment information or check payment history, they can have the convenience to do so in their free time. This also reduces the load on your customer service team who can then focus on other unique incidents.


Customer self-service portals are secure mediums of communication, as they have login IDs and passwords. An authorized user can access their account, and you can personalize the portal experience for every user. All related information such as inventory item visibility, their payment and address details, warehouse information and shipping methods should be provided to your customers. The portal should be ERP integrated so that all information is current.

Mobility – access from anywhere, anytime

Your portal should be mobile optimized, as this will let customers access information anytime, anywhere, from their phones or tablets, even without typing in search terms or URLs. They should be able to download any information they choose to. You can also add additional features that can enhance customer experience by providing individual attention to each users’ needs and preferences.

Better marketing and customer interactions

You have greater marketing opportunities through self-service portals, as you can personalize exclusive marketing material for your customers. By offering them exclusive deals and content, you can give your customers an incentive to create accounts in your portal. You could offer customers the choice to communicate through their preferred mode, which will allow you to send them notifications just as social media does.

Improved productivity and service optimization

A self-service customer portal is an efficient method of obtaining information by bypassing queues or waiting for return mails or calls. This saves time for both, your customers and employees. Plus, your service staff can work more productively when all customer related items such as invoice copies, due dates, placed orders, order status and so on, become automated and can be accessed quickly.

Customer retention

Every single interaction with your customer matters and has the potential to improve or hurt the relationship between you and your customer. As you would have personal information about your customer through their accounts, it can help you to serve your customers better and your portal can prove to be a mode to retaining your customers. This way your portal would become a valuable workflow and communications resource.

Wolken Software Customer Service Desk can help you set up your self-service portal with ease. We help you grow your business and build a loyal customer base by supporting all your customer self-service requirements.

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