5 Examples Of Good Customer Service

5 Examples Of Good Customer Service

Providing noteworthy customer service in any business goes a long way and helps both the business and customers. In the present era, negative news travels faster through social media, which can tarnish a brand's reputation. Hence, efficient customer service is essential to avoid such instances. Good customer service experiences are frequently the outcome of friendly, customer-focused staff. The qualities of responding quickly and acting on feedback can aid in keeping the customers satisfied. Several brands work on catering to the needs of customers in different ways. Some of these brands include JetBlue, Trader Joe's, Tesla, Ritz-Carlton, and Flipkart.

Reliable Customer Service provided by JetBlue Airways 

JetBlue customer service representatives are available to answer passengers’ questions and solve their queries. Besides that, they are with them from the time they book their flight with JetBlue until they arrive safely at their destination. Passengers are given the option to request additional services based on their preference.

   JetBlue customer service staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All employees are well trained and have several years of experience, making them reliable. Additionally, the customer service team is well aware of the needs of their passengers. The passengers are provided with information about the best offers, whether they are traveling alone or in a group.

Multiple Efforts towards Customer Service made by Trader Joe’s

Factors incorporated by Trader Joe’s that lead to great customer experience are as follows:

  • Weaving an emotional connection with the customers:

Customers who shop at Trader Joe's can form a deeper connection with the employees and managers. The staff does not want the customers to view grocery shopping as monotonous or tedious work. Contrarily, they want grocery shopping to be a fun and enriching experience for the customers in their neighborhood, Trader Joe's.

  • Working towards the happiness and motivation of employees:

Joe Coulombe, the founder of Trader Joe's, believes in hiring and maintaining cheerful employees. According to him, the store can turn into a fun place to shop through the attitude of the employees.  

  • Working towards making the store accessible:

Trader Joe’s wants to expand its cheerful shopping atmosphere and customer experience on a wider scale. Hence, Trader Joe’s is willing to establish as many new branches as possible.

Principles Adopted by Ritz-Carlton to Provide an unforgettable Customer Service.

The "Twelve Service Values" at Ritz-Carlton attempt to give a reminder to the employees. It is about the principle which suggests that true hospitality results from long-term commitments by the staff. Such staff is expected to perform their tasks with zest and pride.

   Further, the “Three Steps of Service” require the staff to give guests a warm and sincere greeting. Such a greeting is to be carried using their name, followed by anticipating and fulfilling their needs. Finally, a warm farewell is to be given while addressing them by their name. Additionally, the employees form an irreplaceable asset as they undergo a tough selection process. Candidates for employment are expected to be caring, sociable, interested in learning, and have the spirit to serve.

  The Ritz-Carlton values staff development and invests well in it. The Ritz provides orientation in a variety of formats as learning styles may vary from one team member to another. These formats include online training, classroom training, one-on-one coaching, and weeklong seminars.

Methods Incorporated by Tesla to Provide High-Quality Customer Service

Some of the integral methods incorporated by Tesla to provide remarkable customer service include:

  • Providing a good experience to reap loyalty:

The company exercises complete control over the journey and is not pushy with its sales. It wants customers to have a positive experience with the brand without feeling pressured to make a purchase. Focusing on the customer experience has resulted in winning the loyalty of a swarm of devoted Tesla customers.

  • Holistic accountability of the customer experience:

Tesla stands out as it handles everything on its own, from production to sales. Most other car companies work with dealerships to sell and service their vehicles. This act puts the customer experience in the hands of a third party which might not be fruitful. In Tesla, everything from the first test drive to follow-up maintenance is carried by the same company. Customers can depend on the quality and consistent experience as the accountability rests on a single entity.

  • Focussing on the experience provided by the product:

Tesla focuses on the experience provided by the product with its unique designs and amazing features. Additionally, it focuses on delivering notable long-term experiences as experience lies beyond aesthetic designs.

  • Making self-service options feasible:

Following a test drive, potential Tesla customers are sent a link. They can use this link to configure their vehicle and learn about pricing. Rather than wasting time with unnecessary sales pitches, Tesla focuses on empowering its customers. It empowers customers by providing them with the information they need to make their own decisions.

Flipkart’s Attempt to increase Connectivity with Customers to add Convenience

In the era of e-commerce, the customer support team may be the sole direct human contact for customers. It plays a primary role in understanding and reaching out to customers regularly. The Flipkart mobile app provides live chat services so that customers can conveniently discuss their issues. 

  Solving customer issues has aided Flipkart in forming strong customer relationships. Throughout the life of an order, Flipkart makes an impactful effort to engage with the customer. This is carried out by establishing rapport and providing a dependable and confidence-inspiring support system. Transparency in all activities is a selling point that plants trust within customers. Flipkart works towards retaining its veteran customers besides attracting new ones.

   It can be concluded that brands must put consistent effort into maintaining the quality of their customer service. Clear communication and positive relations with customers can lead to higher customer satisfaction. Additionally, adding distinct qualities to a company's services can make it stand out.

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