Wolken Software’s Top Ten Takeaways from CCW Vegas 2019

Wolken Software’s North America Head Anand Muralidaran represented the company at its first CCW Industry event in Vegas from June 25 to 27. Customer Contact Week obviously is “the place” for Customer Service leadership. Business, Operations and Technology teams meet with solution providers to share, learn and understand newer technologies and business processes that would bring value to digitally-savvy, customer-centric Fortune 1000 and SMB Enterprises.

We certainly had a great time connecting and networking with Business and IT leaders learning their landscape, challenges and opportunities while sharing pertinent case studies  (Broadcom and CA Technologies). Broadcom CIO’s video testimonial received a lot of positive response as it helped Enterprise leaders understand the value, we bring to Global Fortune 500 companies.

CCW team had done a fabulous job of organizing joint workshops, relevant keynotes and IDGs (interactive discussion groups) beyond plain and simple networking.

The top 10 takeaways from the event are:

  1. Customer Service is getting more critical to how a Brand differentiates across channels, devices and social media
  2. Enterprises are starting to embrace ML in the way they engage with their Customers
  3. Customer Service is become complex from a technology and process standpoint.
  4. Customer Service has become a critical component in driving Customer Loyalty up
  5. Agent experience, enablement and productivity is critical to drive Customer experience
  6. Agent turnover is pretty high and hence an intuitive platform would help in faster agent onboarding and training
  7. OPEX spend and TCO optimization are key considerations for Enterprises
  8. Millennials and Gen-Zs expect self-service and other transparent systems by default
  9. Business leaders seek agility in their stack to align to Organizational changes
  10. There is a thought that Customer Service could come under the CMO organization

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