Wolken HR- The Ultimate Solution to Your Employee Management Needs

An employee is the smallest and most significant unit of any company. A company's growth and success primarily lie in its employees' hands. Employee Management is managing the recruitment, payroll, productivity, and retention of employees. This core process directly points to employee motivation and satisfaction. There are several methods for employee management. One effective way is to use employee management software. Wolken's HR management aims at building a rapport between the employer and employees so that these management goals are easily achieved in a facilitated environment.

Let us first understand the main concepts of employee management.

Employee Management

 As simple as it may sound, employee management is no child’s play. Every employee in a company is different from the others and so are their needs. However, the goals of a company are always defined. Employee management helps to streamline the performance of the employees with the organisation’s needs. 

It comprises 4 main activities:

  1. Hiring- Recruitment of the workforce involves long processes. It is very important to pick suitable candidates. HR managers have the task of appropriately measuring the level of skills beyond their qualification in a discipline.
  1. Communication- Employee satisfaction can be ensured only by constantly communicating with the employees. By addressing their concerns, an organisation can ensure that its employees are satisfied. Employers must always engage employees. Wolken HR can be used to communicate and facilitate communication between employees and employers. Problems can be resolved quickly and more swiftly by utilising this platform.
  1. Retention- Huge costs can be incurred if a recruited candidate leaves the job and another one must be taken. To minimise such losses, keeping the employees happy is the key. Happiness is not only in the pay but also in the general work environment.
  1. Performance Management- The employee is happy, but the company is not if the employees are not able to cater to the needs of their clients. An organisation demands a certain level of quality performance that goes with its reputation. Therefore, managing their performance by testing and reviewing is necessary. Scrutinising their work, training them, and rewarding them when needed is also essential. Underutilisation of an employee can also be the cause of dissatisfaction. 

Advantages of Effective Employee Management

Here are some advantages of implementing effective employee management:

  • It helps to improve the productivity of the employee. A happy employee is likely to work more efficiently than an unhappy one.
  • It becomes easier to ensure the efficiency of the employees since there is constant communication regarding their work
  • The employees are always aware of the employer’s expectations and targets
  • Employees' concerns can be resolved at the ground level without letting them escalate. Companies can benefit from the feedback that the employees give
  • The expenditure to recruit new employees and train them can be reduced if the training and satisfaction of existing employees are taken care of

How to Enhance Employee Management? 


Transparent and open communication is the key to good employee management. Many companies make the mistake of keeping communications one-sided- Superiors say, and subordinates listen. However, the best results can be achieved when employees are also heard. Employees should have sufficient avenues to be able to communicate. Showing interest in your employees’ feedback garners in them a feeling of involvement in the company business. That sense of involvement improves commitment and responsibility in the employees.

Use Employee Management Needs Platform

Software that acts as a one-stop shop for all employee management needs has become essential in every organisation. This is where employees can easily communicate with their employers and vice versa. Such platforms make accessibility and management easy. The software can also be used for operations and HR-related communication.  

Employees’ work can be tracked through these platforms. A knowledge base can be managed depending on the work nature and general needs. This resource can help solve issues faster than before. Wolken HR is one such efficient software.

Grow together

Career growth is important for anybody who does a job. The employer needs to be keen on the evolution of every individual employee. An employee cannot be satisfied in an environment where they have no growth- either skill development or pay raise, or promotions. When managers provide training and keep them updated with seminars, the employees find a reason to continue working and stay motivated. This, in turn, benefits the organisation.


Respect is a two-way deal. When the employees are respected for their skills, feedback, and time, the company gets it back. A relationship of trust is essential between the employee and manager. Wherever possible, a discussion should be kept open to set achievable goals.

Acknowledgement of Good Work

The days of slavery are long gone. Employees must be aware that the services provided by their employees need to be valued. Managers should not forget to give negative feedback. However, there must be a conscious effort to recognise their excellent work. Notes of appreciation, a public announcement of achievement, or a team outing can do magic to employee morale.

Practical Resolutions

When there are issues between the manager and the employees or amongst the employees, it is essential to communicate through proper channels. Instead of letting the issue pass or neglecting its gravity, practical advice should be given to implementing a solution. Conflict resolution should be in a way that is acceptable to all parties. In an employee-employer relationship, that may not always be possible, but the effort should always be in that direction.

Wrapping Up

The employer or manager has the unsaid task of running the business or organisation towards profit. The underlying task is to create an environment for all employees to work to achieve the same goal. Employees are the most productive when they work in a positive environment. The Employee management system needs to keep the employees motivated by following the practices we mentioned here, consistently. It is a never-ending process and should be maintained in the highest stature in an organization.

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