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Wolken Care - A Holistic View

Wolken Care is a cloud-native enterprise SaaS product which is Curated for Customer Service Excellence. It is completely self-serviceable and enables enterprises to deliver a world class experience to their customers. Wolken Care helps enterprises to systematize and optimize customer service using automations for smarter and faster resolutions. Wolken Care has been known to increase agent efficiency & customer satisfaction multifold for its customers. The ease of setup and low dependency on Wolken support reduces overall costs significantly. The best part is that Care can be setup for a handful of agents no questions asked.

It is also a role-based application which can be setup to provide read-only access to some roles and each role can be setup by the company admin and its associate.

Wolken Care’s setup is easy to understand and implement with very little to no technical help at all. With the administration modules of Wolken Care you can easily set up rules for user management, auto assignment, team management, automatic email responses and all other business rules which are all editable through a stress-free user interface.

Wolken Care is hosted on a secure AWS cloud infrastructure. Additionally, We at Wolken also have our own security measures. Wolken is SOC II certified and your data is secure at rest and in motion.

Wolken Care comes with a simple Pay-as-you-Grow pricing model which a is per agent / per month setup. There are no hidden costs

Guide to the software

1. User Onboarding

Register as a new customer and fill in all the requested information.

2. Email Registration

Your registration emails are email auto-responders that confirm user registration.

Email Verification is the process of verifying an email address as valid and improving the odds that it belongs to a real person.

3. Email verification 

Once the email is verified the login information will be sent to the registered email ID.

If the Email is already registered with Wolken the error message would be displayed as shown in the screenshot.

4.Registration Confirmation 

Once the email id is confirmed and registered with Wolken Care an instruction setup email is sent to the registered email id.

5.Final Verification -

There is one last step before you can begin working on Wolken Care. Click on the verify email tag and you’re good to go.

Login Credentials

You will receive an email with your log in credentials . Click on the Login button and start using Wolken Care.

Features of Wolken Care

  • User Onboarding – User Onboarding enables end users, agents and managers to be easily added to the system by just filling out basic information requested in the dialogue box.

  • Omnichannel – Queries can be raised by your customers via multiple channels to create cases and the agents can respond to them via the same channel all in one place.

            Users can contact Wolken Care through various communication channels like - 

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email Support
  • Call
  • Web Widget

Email Support & Agent:

  • Users can email at your customer care email id integrated with Wolken Care and the same will be created as a Case on the system.
  • Users can also raise their concerns through our dedicated end user portal.
  • These can be identified based on the Request Summary > Request Origin.


Auto Assignment – Auto Assignment is an intelligent assignment of cases to the right team / right individual based on a one-time setup of assignment logic into the system. Auto Assignment can be via-

  • Normal Auto Assignment.
  • Strategic Auto Assignment.

Normal Auto Assignment: - Below mentioned criteria should match with agent’s user profile for a case to get auto assigned via normal auto assignment.

  1. Auto assign checkbox should be checked.
  2. Case types should be mapped. Standard Case and Global Customer Assistance are the case types eligible for normal auto assignment.
  3. Team’s should be mapped.
  4. Region and Priority should be mapped.
  5. Agents should be online.
  6. Maximum daily case count, assign maximum count and maximum critical case count should be set.
  7. Maximum daily count: Maximum number of cases can be assigned daily. Once the daily count of the users reaches its maximum then no more cases will get auto assigned to the user.

Strategic Auto Assignment: Below mentioned criteria should match with agent’s user profile   for a case to get auto assigned via strategic auto assignment method.

Site Id/ Component should be mapped under Strategic Assignment Section. Below mentioned are the site id and component combinations for which cases should get auto assigned.

  • Powerful Reporting – Wolken Care comes loaded with pre-built reports on case performance, agent performance, SLA compliance etc. with visual charts and drill through to the last detail about the case.

  • Response Templates – Response Templates help enterprises in setting up standard response email templates with the relevant case data embedded in the email which saves time, eliminates errors and are triggered automatically based on the set rules.

  • Business Rules – Business Rules can be setup in the system based on certain case conditions, triggering the system to execute when the conditions are met. These conditions can be time based or on given data values and the resultant can be a simple notification getting sent out to the end user or can be an email for case closure or escalation.

  • Dynamic Views - Wolken Care's dynamic views lets you customise the view based on filters.These views can be viewed, saved and can also be shared with your team.

  • Knowledge Base - Wolken Care comes with an in-built knowledge base that can be viewed by both your customers and agents and helps in resolving queries real time.

  • CSAT - Wolken Care's CSAT module helps you keep improving and growing by attaining valuable feedback from your customers about things that matter to you.

To know more visit our website www.wolkensoftware.com or write to us on sales@wolkensoftware.com

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