Why Should a Tech CEO Invest in a SaaS Tool for Customer Service?

New technology trends are now a part of our world. Every other day you see a new business model coming up and soon losing its charm too. A trend here to stay for a while is SaaS or Software-as-a-Service. With SaaS, businesses can buy a subscription to software rather than a license. There are several kinds of SaaS tools available in the market. Let us see why a tech CEO should invest in a SaaS tool for Customer service.

Advantages of SaaS

SaaS is rapidly seizing the tech world. Very soon, most companies are going to be using only SaaS platforms. A few years ago, companies had to purchase software, update it and manage it. Companies also had to store the data and put even more workforce into securing it. A SaaS tool immensely simplifies this task. For any Tech CEO, the priority would be to store a large amount of customer data and easy access to it economically. Here are some of the benefits of using SaaS:

  • Lower initial cost. This is because the software does not have to be bought upfront. A subscription is sufficient.
  • Pay as you use. For most tools, payment is made as per usage.
  • Ease of use. SaaS can be used anywhere where there is a stable and fast internet connection and a web browser.
  • No additional hardware. The product does not have to be installed locally on every device. No hardware is required for data storage as well. 
  • Easy updates. Technology updates can be done centrally. Every individual employee doesn't have to worry about it.
  • Scalability. SaaS helps to scale up or down conveniently. This flexibility is much desired for tech or any other companies.
  • Piracy can be prevented by using SaaS. The software cannot be distributed illegally.

Why SaaS Tools for Customer Service

There are several kinds of SaaS tools available in the market. For example, there are tools for calendaring, database management, accounting, human resource management, e-commerce, etc. However, one of the most significant types of SaaS is a tool for customer relationship management (CRM) or customer service. 

So why would a Tech CEO invest in SaaS tools for Customer service?

  • It helps to provide speedy responses to customers. Such tools also increase the rates of self-service. The customer service tools can offer a live chat box. This can help customers to get quick responses from the team. For technical questions, the customer may be guided to a core team that can offer support.

  • A SaaS customer service tool with emotional intelligence is as important as one with artificial intelligence. Customers look for empathy while being dealt with for any issues.

  • A database of customers is paramount in any business. The existing systems and new requirements of a customer can be easily understood with this database. A personalized response can be given to the customer based on this data. This enhances the brand's value in a customer's mind.

  • A knowledge base with answers to all questions previously asked and all questions that may be asked in the future about the product are essential for advanced customer service. Many customers prefer self-service. A knowledge base will help them do that. Moreover, it becomes easier for all employees, especially new ones, to find solutions.

  • A SaaS tool makes it easier for a company to understand the trends with the customers. They can determine the number of complaints and the category of complaints. The time taken to respond to the issues can be assessed too. A quick feedback form can help the company know if its customers are satisfied with customer support. This, in turn, can help make adjustments in the systems. Since a SaaS tool can be adjusted centrally from a cloud, the changes in the app can reflect immediately on the instrument anywhere in the world.

  • These days, several companies are being proactive rather than reactive. Even before a client seeks help, an automated message offers support. This is very helpful in customer engagement. The interaction with the customer must not be dropped once the sale is made or the issue is resolved. Retaining existing customers can be more cost-efficient than acquiring new ones. The conversation can be continued for marketing and feedback. The existing customers can be used for upsells and cross-sells. If the company successfully gains their loyalty, they become brand advocates. 

  • A good SaaS tool will help automate the process when a process is done as a routine. This again reduces the response time and eliminates the possibility of errors.

  • Implementing SaaS tools for customer support helps get a quick response from customers, which can enhance the speed of decision-making in a company.

Implement a Successful SaaS Customer Service

Carve out the company's values. Understanding the values and philosophies of the company as a whole is of supreme importance. Every company employee, especially the customer support team, has to be on the same page regarding the quality of service to be offered. 

The next step is to build a team that is mindful of these values and is trained accordingly. Schedules have to be put in place to provide customer service for a time of the day or night among the team members. Since tech products can be used worldwide and in different time zones, most companies offer 24*7 customer support. The continuity and consistency of the service provided cannot be compromised at any point. The customer database in the SaaS helps the team to ensure this.

Several channels such as email, social media, chats, and phone calls with the support team may have to be provided for communication. Analyzing the most used track can give insights into how to improve the accessibility for customers.

Remarkable customer service plays a significant role in building a brand's reputation. Therefore, choosing the right product for the company and investing in it is of utmost importance to a CEO.


It is safe to say that Tech CEOs must gladly invest in SaaS tools for customer service. The benefits of using such devices are very high compared to the costs involved. Building a premium product is not sufficient; marketing is also crucial. Customer support is an inseparable part of marketing these days. Customers prefer companies with steady customer support before, during, and after the sale. SaaS tools help to provide real-time customer support. Outstanding service to customers can put a brand ahead of the competition.

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