Why is the Wolken Service Desk the Best Service Desk in the Market?

Today, more and more businesses are turning to cloud-based service desks, taking advantage of cost savings and the ability to extend their services across the globe. Wolken Service Desk is a service desk that aims to maximize customer satisfaction and minimize costs through a modern web-based interface, integrations with popular CRM systems like Salesforce, Zen desk, SAP, live chat support, and much more.

Overview of Wolken Service Desk

The Wolken Service desk is cloud-based customer support software that streamlines service management, incident tracking, and change management operations. Designed for enterprises, this solution allows employees to interact with vendors and customers. In addition, the system automatically routes service requests based on customer interaction and ticket type. Ultimately, it will cut support costs and improve customer service.

6 Benefits of Choosing Wolken Service Desk

  • Omni channel Support

Omni channel Customer service builds effective communication between your agents and customers. As all the information is stored in one place and easily accessible to the customer, the resolution finds its easiest way. When things are put in place, any amount of discrepancy caused to the system will more or less be resolved within no time. Instead of your customer going back and forth reiterating the same issue, this service lets them get picked up from where they are, which in turn helps in easy resolution. Wolken software provides smooth customer interactions at any time and place through their various channels.

  • Intelligent Reporting Mechanism

Analytics and metrics offer profound insights about all the channels your customers would prefer, overall customer engagement, and consistent service queries. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, every message on the Chabot can be analyzed, filtered, and then routed to the right agent. In addition, repeated customer queries can be quickly resolved with relevant algorithms without human intervention. Wolken Service Desk collects and analyses data in real-time that enables you to analyze your business in this trending world and minimize your efforts.

  • Process Automation

Automation is the number one change in IT service and support. AI helps service desk teams improve their processes and track KPIs. It also helps maximize the value of human agents and increases first contact and first-level resolution. IT experts are seeing a lot of interest in hybrid intelligence, which combines human intelligence with artificial intelligence. 63% of companies agree that AI-powered problem detection is the key to transformation. AI-powered problem detection has the potential to change how service desks function. Wolken provides an effective scheduler to manage all your process workflows with ease.

  • Easy Platform Accessibility

There are different stages to reaching your customer. Designing, building, and testing are the initial phases of the business platform. Most of us constantly switch between screens, and your Omni-channel service should anticipate this kind of screen switching. All the channels should be easily and consistently accessible, whether on mobile phones, laptops, or tablets. Wolken Service Desk provides a seamless experience across all the gutters.

  • Application Integrations

 Wolken service desk software integrates a self-service portal with an Information Technology service management System(ITSM) solution. It routes tickets to the suitable agents based on the type of issue, and it has a configuration management database to track service requests and create an audit trail. Configuration management database tools enable IT teams to maintain an up-to-date inventory of hardware and software assets. In addition, it has a knowledge management system, allowing agents to create knowledge repositories and update them with the latest information. Wolken Service desk also has a mobile application for easy accessibility for the customers.

  • Efficient Knowledge Base

The knowledge base will always be a repository of all the significant issues, relevant solutions, and a straightforward approach to specified queries. A centralized knowledge base should serve the purpose of helping new agents to cope efficiently in handling customer queries. Wolken Service Desk has a built-in centralized knowledge base that is easily accessible to all customers and agents. Knowledge transfer amongst the agents will give way to handling all queries with ease. This knowledge transfer should be recorded and documented in a centralized system so that any new agents can access them conveniently during their work period.

Impact of COVID-19 on Service Desk Software

COVID-19 has impacted service desks in nearly every industry and country. The new regulations require remote work, a backlog of tickets, and fewer resources for resolving issues. But service desks can still prioritize and resolve tickets despite these challenges. The pandemic has disrupted the industry and forced many companies to reorganize their operations to handle the growing volume of tickets. In addition, it has triggered the adoption of new automation systems and shifted customer service channels. Companies have also repositioned agents to work from home, and they may want to consider investing in remote work policies in the future. 

In addition to the shift in lifestyle, the disease has forced many companies to institute remote work policies. This new regulation has caused a significant shift in IT departments' work culture. Organizations must adapt and change quickly to cope with the heightened cyber security threat. By using artificial intelligence (AI) in service desk software, IT departments can increase their focus on customer experience, revenue growth, and cost optimization. As an IT leader, you can leverage AI to enable your team to adopt new agile work habits. This is a great way to accelerate the digital transformation of your organization.


A service desk is the means to reach your services to customers. Agents are the medium enabling the smooth movement of services. Wolken Service Desk is one of the market's most advanced and robust service desk software. It provides the best support experience for your customers, allowing you to improve your bottom line. It is one of the best options for start-ups and small businesses needing a scalable and cost-effective solution to manage customer service. It provides the highest quality service to its customers at an affordable price. This enabled it to achieve record-high revenues in 2018. This, in turn, allowed it to scale up and expand its operations further to deliver even better service to its customers.

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