When Choosing A Service Desk, Consider This 3-Point Checklist

The demand for desk booking technology and the variety of hot desking, hoteling, and reservation engines are both rising quickly as a result of the advent of social distancing. Most likely, making a decision was not something you had planned to do in 2020. However, you are now investigating workplace technology for safe space management. Which option, in particular, would be suitable for your workplace?

Customers are what defines your business. Therefore, a customer's positive help desk experience is essential to the success of any organization. Stronger customer connections are built on having the appropriate resources, procedures, and tools for managing a help desk.

Does your Help Desk have a quality control checklist? Do the Help Desk staff members offer excellent customer support? In addition to developing customer contact handling policies and giving quality customer service training, a skilled help desk manager will also audit agent performance. 

The management team of the Help Desk must conduct a quality assurance audit to assess how client contacts are being handled. This audit is a program that uses a standardized technique to review calls and tickets.

3-Point Desk Quality Assurance Checklist

When putting together the Help Desk quality program, a checklist is necessary to think about. The following list of elements may not be necessary, but it is still a good idea to account for.

  1. What Help Desk Software do You Need to Choose

Today's market is filled with help desk providers offering services for various companies. Choosing a help desk ticketing system can seem like a task with all these options available.

You can focus your search by choosing from the following four popular types of help desk software:

  • Online-based

Servers owned by vendors host a web/cloud-based support desk application. You must choose monthly or yearly memberships instead of making a one-time payment. The best aspect is that since the software provider takes care of maintenance, data backup, and security, your firm doesn't have to worry about these.

Your company must buy the software license and pay a one-time setup cost to run an on-premises help desk. The system is installed on your server and is responsible for its upkeep, data backup, and security.

  • Enterprise

As the name implies, large firms with sizable support staff and a requirement for sophisticated services use enterprise help desks. For instance, you can obtain capabilities like enterprise reporting, multi-brand support, change management, and IT asset management. Enterprise help desks are more expensive than their competitors because of their superior features.

  • Open source

Developers can have access to the source code of an open-source help desk. To put it another way, your developers can improve or alter the tool based on the demands of your company. Over time, your team can build the product, improve its user interface, add new features, repair issues, increase security, and more.


Any business department's primary goal is to support the firm and continuously get better. Similar to this, as a help desk team, your checklist needs to include metrics that support continuous and reliable improvement.

Relevant metrics must be included in your IT help desk checklist to track performance and make progress. Share recurring reports with clients, team members, and critical stakeholders.

  1. Here are some metrics you might consider, depending on your requirements:

  • Average ticket response time

This metric measures how quickly your staff shares the initial response with a customer. This measure can vary from channel to channel. The ART might be one minute, while for email, it might be a few hours.

  • Ticket resolution time

It is the average amount of time that your team needs to address a problem or carry out a request. The length of time it takes to resolve a ticket varies depending on how complicated the problem is.

  • Backlog of tickets

Your unresolved pending tickets are included in your ticket backlog. Make sure your ticket backlog does not reach triple digits if you want to keep customers happy and provide wonderful service. If you have a large backlog of tickets, it may be because there are more client inquiries or complaints than agents available to handle them.

  1. Communication skills

Although providing phone assistance can be demanding, there are some essentials that, if kept in mind, will help you run your help desk. To put you on the right track for improved outcomes overall and greater customer satisfaction, this checklist was developed.

  • Be Always Polite

Wouldn't it be wonderful if every caller was calm and courteous? Anyone who has made even a few help desk calls knows this is not the case. The agent must always maintain good manners. Breathing deeply for 5 seconds can help a lot.

  • Insist on Good Phone Manners

The agent must behave appropriately on the phone from the moment it rings until the end of the call. The agent must behave appropriately on the phone from the moment it rings until the end of the call. This comprises.

  • Introducing oneself at the call's outset
  • Before speaking, give your words some thought
  • Don't let interruptions happen when you're having a conversation
  • Speak slowly and with clarity
  • Avoid talking over the other person
  • Don't let other things divert your attention

  • Maintain Momentum

Don't let other things divert your attention to reiterate the previous point. Being mindful and present is a good start. We cannot concentrate on the current issue when we allow our thoughts to stray or get interrupted. 

The agent must remain focused on the customer's demands throughout the call. The agent must be engaged and focused on the customer's needs during the contact. Having made 200 calls over seven hours, this may get challenging. Achieve techniques to maintain agents' energy and concentration.

  • Take Incredible Notes

Information is essential for comprehension and providing the correct answer. Making notes allows you to concentrate better on the issue and record the customer's request's history. A help desk ticket is frequently forwarded to another agent. The new agent must have the notes necessary to carry on with the customer's request when this happens.

  • Never Stop Verifying

You must be aware of the issue at hand to address it. People desire to feel understood. Verifying facts improves understanding of the problem and overall consumer engagement.


The purpose of this checklist is to make it appear simple. Your support workers can use this quick checklist to guarantee a positive help desk experience. Highly trained agents are accustomed to using this checklist without thinking. 

However, it's crucial to look for help desk improvement ideas even if your team is performing well. Find out from your staff how to increase service desk effectiveness or help desk performance. For the IT service desk, agents may be a fantastic source of fresh ideas.

No matter your strategy, always keep the primary objective in mind: improving the client experience.

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