Three reasons why Wolken's feature-rich customer service software is vital for startups

Wolken Software introduced Wolken Care, a self-service SaaS customer service solution. The solution aims to assist organizations in improving customer service encounters. Wolken Software is responding to the expanding need for self-service customer experience solutions globally with this launch. Businesses may offer exceptional customer service with the self-serviceable Wolken Care solution, thanks to its simple one-click setup. The Wolken Care solution provides services for companies in a variety of industries, with a focus on startups and SMBs worldwide. The industries in banking and financial services, semiconductor, manufacturing, software, consumer products, and electronic component industries are among the verticals in general. By 2026, it is anticipated that the global market for client self-service software will be worth $24.9 billion.

The market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 24% between 2020 and 2026, according to the KBV Research analysis. Fortune 100 corporations from the US, Europe, and Asian markets are among the company's clientele, with customers worldwide. One of the few clients of Wolken Care is Freecharge, along with Orix, InterExecs, and Buxis. Wolken Software has offices in the US, Mumbai, and Bangalore. The technology enables firms to create feature-rich service desks for internal and external clients at lower costs. According to Rohan Joshi, Co-Founder and CEO of Wolken Software, "Wolken care is best suited for the businesses looking to digitize their customer service support as it is completely configurable by the users themselves and requires little to no external support." Wolken care is easy to use, secure by architecture, and scalable on demand.

Here are three ways that customer service software can assist startups in succeeding:

  1. By offering a platform for publishing self-service materials like FAQs, how-to manuals, and videos, as well as user forums, customer support software can assist businesses in saving money. Rather than contacting a support staff first, today's clients prefer to look for answers independently. Startups can satisfy consumer expectations by providing self-service choices and diverting customer service inquiries away from straightforward issues so that the support staff can concentrate on more challenging issues. Additionally, this implies achieving more with less, a fundamental tenet of most entrepreneurs. Startups must be agile to flourish, which means they must find a way to comprehend what is working, recognize and fix issues, and recognize patterns and trends. Startups may get the information they need from a customer support software system with robust reporting capabilities to discover trending requests, identify and address customer service problems, and be a dynamic presence in the market. In the digital age, it is crucial to provide customer service on all digital platforms. Customers should be able to contact you through any method that is convenient for them. Besides boosting their experience, making your business accessible to clients increases their trust and loyalty. Sadly, only 54% of customers believe that interactions with customer support are seamless. All incoming inquiries from various channels, including email, phone, chat, and social media, are instantly logged with tickets by customer support software and effectively followed up by the customer care team, ensuring a quick response. No matter whatever channel a question comes from, your customer service professionals can view every point of interaction.

  1. The most important aspect of startup success, especially for businesses that serve other businesses, is the capacity to create and manage client relationships successfully. With access to client and product information and tools for recording service history, a customer support solution may help companies get a head start knowing their customer base. This makes it possible for the business to provide proactive, individualized service, which is a crucial difference in a data-driven market. When they assist consumers, the top customer service representatives are happiest. By retaining their best and brightest employees, companies can save exorbitant hiring and training costs by utilizing customer support software that gives agents the information and resources they need to perform their tasks quickly and effectively.

  1. A customer base can effectively serve as a business development team with the help of a support solution that equips agents to answer client problems swiftly and establish personal connections. Startups may communicate with clients through their preferred channels, such as social media, and encourage them to share positive experiences and recommend new clients to spur growth, thanks to an omnichannel support solution.

As young businesses are often cash-strapped, their executives sometimes postpone investing in enterprise solutions until they make more money. Delaying the purchase of customer support software is a mistake, albeit, in some circumstances, it might make sense. The initial phase is when businesses need to cut costs, create and cultivate relationships, raise satisfaction levels, and take note of shifting dynamics. Startups can succeed in a cutthroat climate if they have the correct support system.


You may track and evaluate your agent's efforts, the time it takes to resolve a problem, ticket traffic trends, and more with customer service software. The correct data enables improvement identification and boosts team output. Customer service software's fundamental function is to provide a centralized strategy, known as a ticketing scheme, where backing mechanisms can organize, trace, prioritize, and revert to buyer or employee proposals. The heart of your business is your customers. Without them, having a company would be completely pointless. Therefore, it is more important than ever to raise the bar for your customer service and the goods and services you provide. A company can also provide excellent customer service throughout the client journey by implementing customer support software. You can further foster meaningful relationships with customers by personalizing your customer service at scale with access to customer interactions and profiles of your customer base. A satisfied consumer is a devoted one who will spend more money with you. Repeat business translates into greater profitability, which extends a business's life and builds a strong, internationally recognizable brand.

Looking ahead, Wolken’s ambition is to further build cooperation and profound partnerships with their existing customers. Growth in newer geographies will be scaled through collaborations and partnerships with local partners. The intent is to retain comprehensive customer outreach through networking occasions and professional relationships to share more about industry best practices.

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