Thought leaders share their views on Customer ServiceDesk & its importance

Helpdesk software is designed to provide customers with the support and information about a company’s products and services. Customers submit their inquiries through various channels like phone, email, or social media. Helpdesk software works through a ticketing system that the staff can use to organize and respond to customer queries and create information portals on company websites. Help desk software systems are utilized by the customer service team to streamline the entire support process by providing analytics about customer engagement across available communication channels. Helpdesk software also offers features such as self-service, live-chat facility and capabilities to create a smooth customer service experience. 

Importance of Helpdesk Software

The basic functions of a helpdesk software are:

● Organization of customer queries into tickets for perusal by customer service staff.

● Aggregation of inquiries from customer portals and emails.

● Assignment of tickets to support agents for instant service.

A good helpdesk software is pivotal to a well-run helpdesk and imperative for businesses of any size. Helpdesk revolves around the ticketing system that determines how customer problems reach the service agents. All customer issues are put into a ticket format with all related information and assigned to the appropriate agents.

As your business scales and customer base expands, you will need a helpdesk ticketing system to ensure that your customer support runs smoothly. Without an effective help desk software, your team will not be able to tackle swiftly and efficiently the customer requests, queries, and reports that will continue to come in through various channels. 

Helpdesk Software Ratings and Reviews

There is a wide range of helpdesk software available in the market. Many are focused on small and medium businesses, but some solutions specialize for larger organizations as well and others are tailored for IT operations only. While all helpdesk software platforms are not equal, they provide distinct solutions, and the choice will depend upon the business needs. 

Here are the reviews of the top helpdesk software from the experts in the industry.

    1. Zendesk

The Zendesk support suite allows businesses to communicate organically with their customers without disclosing to them what is actually going on. While this tool has sophisticated features to handle complex tasks, it is simple enough to get you up and running right away. The Zendesk suite supports all channels like email, chat, voice and social media like Facebook, WhatsApp and more. This unified help desk workspace strives to help teams provide a quicker, and more personal experience to customers of a magnitude of industries right from startups to large enterprises. 

    2. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk, the cloud-based help desk support software adopts Contextual AI to help provide optimal support experience to customers. You can effortlessly prioritize, manage and close the ever-increasing volume of requests that may reach your customer service through a range of channels. This tool is equipped with a strong knowledge base to enable data-driven decisions. Its robust reporting and analytical capabilities can help managers track their agents’ performance via KPI’s. 

    3. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a cloud-based customer helpdesk software that helps enterprises of all sizes to deliver exceptional customer support. This tool converts all requests that come via web, email, phone, and social media into tickets and offers unified resolution across channels. Freshdesk also allows you to automate workflows, measure metrics, avail self-service, and manage SLA’s. Freshdesk’s unique capabilities such as predictive support, AI-powered chatbots, and other service management capabilities have enabled it to offer seamless and stellar customer support for thousands of businesses worldwide. 

    4. Freshservice

Freshservice helpdesk software allows IT admins to proactively monitor and manage their organizational assets. This platform offers a solid knowledge base and a powerful ticketing system along with features for incident management and vendor management. The in-built self-service portal allows users to browse the knowledge base and submit tickets. 

    5. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpot Service hub brings all customer service data and channels to a centralized platform and helps businesses scale their support via self-service and automation. The HubSpot suite has a built-in conversation feature that can add context to communication and boost customer engagement. It has a universal inbox that collects messages from multiple channels, helps teams collaborate and offers top-notch customer support. 

    6. Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud helps small businesses grow and scale while continuing to build customer loyalty through valuable customer interactions. This flexible and comprehensive service platform helps businesses deliver a more personalized and smarter customer experience. With the help of Salesforce Service Cloud, you can streamline workflows, automate service processes and leverage expert knowledge to transform agent experience. 

    7. LiveChat

LiveChat is a premium helpdesk software with an easily accessible live chat facility. This tool is designed and built specifically for delivering best-in-class customer service. Used by over 30,000 companies in around 150 countries, live chat has helped improve online sales and customer satisfaction in small, medium and large enterprises. 

    8. LiveAgent

LiveAgent is a simple to use software that works via a widget that can be easily integrated with your apps and websites letting you establish an instant connection with the customer. This platform is intuitive and powerful, yet simple. All messages are kept in a centralized inbox so that customer service agents can prioritize requests. They can narrow down requests and close incomplete requests. 

    9. ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus is an integrated help desk software built upon the ITIL framework that takes care of project and asset management. It is loaded with advanced features and robust tools to help users achieve complete visibility of the IT infrastructure, enabling improved management and quicker response to critical issues.

    10. Spiceworks

Spiceworks is the only helpdesk software that offers both on-premise and cloud-based ticketing systems. It provides IT helpdesk and inventory management features and can be integrated well with other capabilities to benefit end-users. This tool has room for many customization features both in the set up of helpdesk, management and reporting through both generated and created reports. 


Before choosing the helpdesk solution from the above top contenders for your business, you must consider all features, and unique capabilities that can cater to your business needs. You must see how the systems’ ticket routing system collects, stores data and how you can leverage the data for your business goals.

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