The Importance of a Stellar Customer Success Team

We have all come across a term that is thrown around like confetti - ‘Customer Success’. While the phrase itself is overused, the impact it has on a company and its customers is highly underrated.

Customer success is one of the most popular, and emerging growth opportunities across all business verticals. The primary aim of customer success is to ensure that our customers are happy and are using the company’s products optimally to achieve their goals.

Similar to how we look into a mirror to check if all is right with our appearance; Customer Success holds a mirror to the product and performance of an enterprise, and aids improvements based on what is seen (user data).

When you are unwell, you go to a doctor and the doctor considers all your symptoms to strategically decide the course of your treatment. Similarly, in customer success, it is important to hear the customer’s requirements,understand them clearly and create a road map to ensure that product delivery happens along the same line.


How does Customer Success help?

The simple answer is: It reduces customer churn. With both negative & positive feedback and intelligent user data on the team’s hands,improving the product and eliminating possible failures or problems before they even occur becomes easier.

The responsibilities of a customer success team vary widely. The CS Team works directly with customers and communicates with other teams across the enterprise (like development, design etc.) to keep the product in-check.

Retaining customers and reducing churn has an overall impact on your revenue. Constantly working towards improving customer happiness and loyalty turn your customers into your biggest promoters and helps directly with the functions of your Sales and Marketing Teams.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to keep the customer informed. Having onboarding sessions for new customers helps them understand the UI and the product they are using. They can then utilize it to the maximum extent and have a point of contact (The CS team) in case they have any issues.

Strategies that focus on the customer and improving their experience rather than revenue generation are self-fulfilling. Keep the customers happy and the revenue takes care of itself. The focus thus should always be preventing & solving problems.

At Wolken, the Customer Success team is proactive in engaging with customers and understanding their use of our product. We have regular connects (Business Reviews) with the customer as part of a “health check” to figure out the areas that need attention, any new features or processes to add, or any problems to tackle.

To see if the performance matches expectations, the customer gives ratings for different areas of the product. Think of it like a students’marks card. We understand these ratings to see what is going well and what needs to be changed.

A company that is customer-centric rather than company-centric is marked for success in the long run. Never forgetting our main motivation, that is, to give our customers what they need and solve their problems, Wolken’s CS Team is always geared up to listen, solve, and minimize client issues allowing us to build long-term relationships.

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Harish Kamath