New age Service Challenges demand new ways of Customer Support – Are you ready?

How important is customer support service for businesses success? Try this- 54% of millennials, 50% of Gen Xers and 52% of baby boomers stopped doing business with a company because of poor customer service according to opinion studies. They further indicate that companies with weak omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain only 33% of their customers, as opposed to those with well-thought and executed strategies that have nearly 89% customer retention.

Customer Query Responses

Therefore no surprises when we state that customer service has to be of the highest level, but in ensuring exemplary customer service, companies face various challenges. Solutions like Wolken Customer Support Help Desk helps businesses overcome them. It equips agents with the ability to respond to customer queries and complaints across multiple channels. Agents can view and clear requests in a fraction of the time paving the way for greater customer retention.

Wolken’s specialized service desk modules enable agents to automatically organize incidents. Its intuitive workflows and features that simplify request approvals, modifications and fulfillment make for a consistent and smooth customer experience. This is vital when we consider that about 89% of customers get frustrated when they are made to repeat their issues to multiple representatives.

Self Service

There is great merit in and a growing trend towards customer service management. Wolken’s gives customers the power to find their answers self-service application and this reduces ticket volumes and recurring incidents. This feature allows customers to access FAQs, user guides and other forms of helpful content to find their own answers and by automating this feature, companies can stay ahead of increasing requests. This fact finds support (Digital Marketing Trends, 2017) with 50% of customers preferring to solve issues themselves and 70% expecting a company’s website to include a customer self-service software.

Auto-tagging with algorithm-based rules

Customer service functions across companies regularly face challenges of classifying service requests into categories and assigning them automatically to the right agent. These challenges are well handled bycall centre CRM’s feature of auto tagging service requests with algorithm-based rules so that they can be classified into predetermined categories and assigned to the right agent automatically. With such time-based, product-based and sentiment-based rules a quick resolution is assured, eliminating the near 40% instances that we see today, of manually reaching out to agents and assembling the team for issue handling.

Streamlining operations with Centralized data

A recent survey by Forrester points out that 42% of customer service agents are unable to efficiently resolve customer issues due to disconnected systems, archaic user interfaces, and multiple applications. Wolken’s centralized repository, Configuration Management Database, contains all configuration item attributes, audit trails, license details and relationships between CIs (customer intelligence). By utilizing configuration management database tools, IT teams can enhance decision-making. By integrating with service and change request management modules, the solution enables agents to deliver an efficient and intuitive customer experience.

In today’s digital marketplace, a tech-savvy and very mobile customer base we are working with customer expectations that have transformed quite radically. Now customer experience is as important as the product they buy and customer delight is the new goal for businesses. In their quest for creating a positive customer experience, businesses have a strong ally in solutions like Wolken Service Desk that is tuned to meeting rising expectations.

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