Modernizing Service Support with Chatbots

Business expansion, customer demands and productivity improvement requirements are proving to be the driving force for businesses to look at new and technology-enabled solutions to service support challenges. Chatbot Technology is now able to provide some relief from exponential IT service department growth while still providing a superior experience.Chatbots are increasingly becoming the first line of support for Enterprise Service Support teams by helping reduce repetitiveness, data entry and triaging and fielding inquiries from employees, assigning tickets and solving problems. Before even a single support staff member is even engaged, chatbots can create and assign tickets, provide status updates, manage systems, schedule support calls, and escalate critical issues thereby enhancing the productivity of the workforce.

Here are the different type of bots that are used by enterprise service support teams:

  • Problem-solving service bot: These bots automate IT problem solving across the full IT stack of hardware, software, resource and application layers. Such bots can enable the automation of tasks such as service restart and virtual machine reboots on app servers.

  • Knowledge Management bot: These bots use flexible algorithms to leverage human-created knowledge items to determine the shortest route to a solution. Such chatbots provide end users with relevant information when they create incidents, such as a request for a password reset.

  • Machine learning-enabled self-service bot: These bots interact with customers, listen to questions and offer solutions, engage with humans and grow their knowledge base. Such chatbots can assist end users with any question related to service management.

Benefits of chatbots for businesses
24 X 7 Availability and High-Speed Responses
One of the biggest advantage of integrating AI bots into your enterprise help desk is that employees can ask for help and get their problem solved during any time of the day/night. This permanent availability of help can save a lot of time for your employees and increases overall work productivity

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Increases Support Staff Productivity
Chatbots can help employees by providing solutions for basic problems. These bots even have the capability to offer solutions by being programmed to refer to the user guide. This way, users don’t have to manually search the FAQs or user guides for a solution. Instead, they can have a quick chat with the bot and learn to fix the problem themselves. In case the users do not find a solution, they can ask the bot to raise a ticket requesting a support consultant. This ensures that your service staff spend their time and energy only on high priority issues which need their attention.

Reduces Support Costs
With an increase in productivity, enterprise service desk maintenance costs are also reduced. Even if the organization’s size increases, the help desk would be approached only for complex issues. Integrating AI bots into your enterprise increases overall work productivity in the organization.

How Do Bots Empower Your Service Desk?

  • Enterprise Language Understanding

An Enterprise Language Model (ELM) is used to train with enterprise specific language, similar to IT Help Desk professionals in order to provide consistent and relevant support in handling service requests. An ELM resembles an IT service handbook or knowledge base specific to your enterprise.

  • Interactions with Users

After the ELM is built, the interaction parameters of the chatbot is decided with respect to your enterprise IT Help Desk environment. AI bots can operate as an AI worker or an AI assistant. While an AI worker runs in the background, an AI assistant addresses employee queries in real time.

  • Ability to Fulfill Service Requests

Beneath the hood of a chatbot, workflows are implemented to execute relevant tasks and business processes. There are two ways to create these workflows for AI Workers to fulfill back-office requests:

  1. Use an FAQ Knowledge Base
  2. Use Robotic Process Automation(RPA) and APIs

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