Learn how Wolken care offers a range of benefits to businesses of small & medium sizes

Wolken Care is a cloud-native corporate SaaS application designed for exceptional customer service. It is entirely self-serviceable and enables businesses to give their consumers a top-notch experience. With little to no technical assistance, anybody can comprehend and use the Wolken Care setup. Additionally, it is a role-based application that may be configured to provide specific roles read-only access. The firm admin and its associates can configure each part. Wolken Care's administration modules make it simple to set up rules for user management, team management, automated assignment, automatic email answers, and any other business rules that are all adjustable through a simple user interface.

Wolken Care Features

  • Auto Assignment

The CX experience can be improved by intelligently assigning cases to the appropriate team or individual based on a one-time configuration of assignment logic.

  • Business Rule

The system may be configured to carry out certain activities based on specific case circumstances. For example, the terms might be time-based or based on specified data values.

  • Omni Channel

Through the Multichannel Feature, you can easily create cases and answer from/to emails, mobile devices, the web, and social media platforms.

  • Powerful Reporting

Pre-built reports with colourful charts that detail the case's performance, agent performance, and SLA compliance.

  • Response Templates

Businesses can create templates for typical responses that include pertinent case data. Saves time and prevents mistakes from happening.

Benefits to Small and Medium Businesses

Large businesses have the resources to handle customer care. Small and medium-sized companies shouldn't have to deal with more customer care issues or support requests because they already have enough on their plates. It is challenging to devote an entire crew to this because most small and medium-sized enterprises are understaffed.

These are some ways that Wolken Care software benefits small and medium-sized enterprises:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Most small and medium-sized business choices are influenced mainly by cost. An aided ServiceDesk might be helpful in this situation. Customers receive prompt, individualized service from it, which significantly impacts their satisfaction. In addition, such a service increases revenue and fosters a fresh image for the company. Consequently, it lowers the industry's marketing expenses as well.
  • Collaboration and flexibility: It connects quickly to various third-party applications since it is omnichannel. It links to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You may efficiently respond to a client who contacts you via Facebook without departing your ServiceDesk dashboard. Flexibility will, therefore, significantly boost output. You can reply to your consumers more quickly thanks to this collaboration function. It demonstrates that your business values its clients and encourages good word of mouth.
  • Better service: Your customer service will improve with an aided ServiceDesk. Customers are directed directly to the support personnel they require by analyzing the nature of their inquiries. As a result, you may configure alarms for particular limitations and receive timely notifications for better service. On the customer's end, they may also see the progress of their question or ticket, which makes them feel more at ease and familiar with the procedure.
  • Boosts productivity: By investing in an assisted ServiceDesk, you can easily combat firm staff members who prefer to focus on trivial problems rather than important ones. Most concerns may be fixed with the aid of the knowledge base included with the software. Making optimal use of employee time should be a top focus because most small organizations have a small staff.
  • Closes gaps in services: In some situations, the automated functions of an assisted ServiceDesk come in handy. Now, you may help many individuals at once without sacrificing the calibre of your work. This is crucial if you want to increase consumer happiness.
  • Self-service promotion: The vast knowledge base of assisted ServiceDesks includes FAQs and tutorials on typical problems your clients could have. Your support team will only have to continually answer the stored queries from a few clients if you have a knowledge base. In addition, this database may be expanded to include new difficulties as they arise, thus lowering the requirement for manual assistance.
  • Personalized experience: Customers will get quick, satisfying service and a personalized experience. It enhances their appeal and offers a generally positive experience. However, when your small firm expands, you'll probably lose that allure as your team becomes overburdened with support inquiries. During such times, a supported ServiceDesk can aid you in maintaining the same.
  • Fast reports: You must keep track of every time a client interacts with a support representative since doing so gives you vital information about the encounter. You will be able to increase client retention and happiness as a result. After each engagement with customer assistance, assisted service desks automatically provide reports. Using these reports, you can keep tabs on what is important to you.

Impacts on Businesses and Customers

A cloud-native SaaS enterprise solution Wolken Care allows businesses to provide their clients excellent customer service and is entirely self-serviceable. It is perfect and most appropriate for any business wishing to set up a customer service solution that is straightforward, scalable, secure, and promises to provide the finest client experience. Features with a significant influence on enterprises and clients are listed below.

For all of your customers, features that provide individualized attention:

  • Low to no coding platform.
  • Pay as you grow.
  • Reduced support cost.

Features that enable a 360-degree, comprehensive picture of team performance and case status‍:

  • Unified view.
  • Productivity check.
  • Easy setup and configurability.

Features that facilitate case resolution more quickly and increase client satisfaction:

  • ‍In-built knowledge base.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Customer satisfaction and SLA.


Any small business toolset should include assisted ServiceDesk. It helps the company in keeping an eye on its top priorities. With first-rate customer service, Wolken, a SaaS firm, hopes to change how contemporary businesses interact with their clients and staff. Businesses may save money and effort by using an efficient tool. Through the personalization of customer service, such software also helps medium-sized enterprises to maintain that small-business touch. ServiceDesk also creates a playing field for small businesses to grow against their large-scale rivals by offering quick and thorough help at affordable prices. This increases positive word-of-mouth for the company and creates a favourable reputation in the marketplace.

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