How Wolken's Knowledge Base Improves Your Customer Experience

A knowledge base tool is a great way to improve customer experience. When customers have particular questions, they can access the knowledge base and get answers without the need to reach out to a support team. For business growth, an organization should not rule out the knowledge base tool. With the lowest investment, a knowledge base allows learning for its customers and staff. A knowledge base is a collection of documents with answers to frequently asked questions, how-to guides, and troubleshooting problems. Wolken's Customer ServiceDesk has a knowledge base feature that allows for just that. 

Content and Data Provided by a Knowledge Base

A knowledge base can encompass a variety of content, including the following: 

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Step-by-step process guides
  • Introductory Articles
  • Video Demonstrations
  • Glossaries and Definition Lists

A knowledge base allows collecting all information in a helpful form.  

Some knowledge bases are entirely for machine learning, and others are exclusively for customers to learn from. A knowledge base can be aimed at either internal or external audiences. Some organizations also maintain knowledge bases that are not only relevant for only customers but also to others interested in the field. 

Why is Knowledge Base Important?

A knowledge base helps close the gap in basic information that the customer seeks, which the customer does not need to contact the customer service team. Examples of questions, such as how to change a password or why it won't upload a file, are quickly answered by providing a knowledge base. 

7 Key Benefits of Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is crucial in reducing the time it takes for a customer to get in touch with a customer service team by helping them get an answer quickly and move on with other tasks. 

  1. People prefer to locate answers themselves before reaching out. This is where a knowledge base comes in.

  1. A knowledge base supports the internal team by reducing the volume of incoming alerts and helping them focus on other tasks. 

  1. A knowledge base can support different learning styles by presenting information in text, videos, audio, images, or other media formats. It allows customers to receive the best information they can.

  1. The way the program is set, the knowledge base can offer the correct information at the right time. 

  1. A knowledge base operates 24/7, thus assisting customers wherever in the world. 

  1. A knowledge base programmed with reporting can help create reports to help understand what information the customers are seeking and any gaps in the knowledge base. 

  1. Knowledge base content appears in search engines; hence good documentation can help acquire new customers.

How Does an Internal Knowledge Base Benefit Employees?

There are three significant ways that a knowledge base can help internal employees. 

  1. Productive Support- The support team is freed from the tedious inquiries customers may have about support, getting started or any other essential requirement. 

  1. Moving beyond Support- Getting input from various departments helps to get more centralized information. This allows departments to stay on the same page while acquiring the same information. 

  1. Knowledge Management Strategy- All types of documentation can be included in the knowledge base. This saves time and is highly efficient too. Training, onboarding, and company policies are documents included in a knowledge base.


Wolken Knowledge Base Software 

As part of its Customer ServiceDesk product, Wolken has a knowledge base feature. This in-built feature helps customers and their agents to solve real-time queries quickly. One can create, edit, and publish articles that customers can easily access. These articles are reviewed before being posted; hence once validated, both agents and customers can view them alike. The search option allows the customers to look for a particular article without going through a sea of them. Though articles are arranged categorically and in collections, customers mainly use the search feature. The knowledge base offers a search that provides quick results. Wolken Customer Service Desk allows the migration of knowledge base from other platforms into theirs. The knowledge base helps teams to learn from each other and improve over time. The articles can be linked to a particular case, thus allowing agents to respond quickly and provide apt resolutions. 

Wolken Knowledge Base Improving Customer Experience

With Wolken's knowledge base feature, customers can efficiently address common problems or questions for which more understanding is needed. A customer can also get some pre-sale questions answered on their own. As customers increasingly prefer self-service for simple tasks, this helps to free up the support time from the internal teams. This form of self-service covers two things: 

  1. Immediacy: Customers wanted their answers yesterday. With a solid knowledge base, customers can access the information at hand.

  1. Immersion: The ease of finding the information and getting a solution is an experience that reflects the organization.

Wolken's knowledge base offers just that and benefits its users at every stage, thus enhancing the customer experience.



A knowledge base enables the organization, internal team, and customers to get together by being a centralized base for basic information. This is a collaborative and supportive feature, which is the best resolution for everyday concerns. Wolken's knowledge base feature does just that and helps impeccable customer service. Writing an article for a knowledge base helps ensure answers via an article for the countless number of future questions. Time well-spent building and updating the knowledge base feature helps with upcoming years and be a definite for improving customer experience. Wolken's knowledge base feature helps with customer retention, boosts conversations, and reduces marketing costs. The feature allows customers to find the information they need to use a product quickly. For improving customer experience, the knowledge base, significantly Wolken, can help reach the goal. In this fast-paced world, customers want answers, which a knowledge base provides. As Wolken believes in a strong customer experience, the knowledge base with its other features helps organizations do just that. A seamless customer experience builds customer satisfaction, which impacts an organization's business as it affects customer retention. Wolken's knowledge base helps improve the customer experience overall.

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