How to get better reviews using customer service software

8 Tips on How You Can Use Customer Service Software to Get Better Reviews: A contact center blog idea around using customer service software to get better reviews.

Before the advancement in technology, customers usually bought products based on their own experience or word of mouth from trusted peers. The product review was never available first-hand to them. Cut to the digital era; everything is available online. 

There are numerous factors that influence the customer to make a purchase. Customers buy products and post their expertise about them online on their social media handles or the product's website. Potential consumers do their research before zeroing in on a product. For the most part, they read the reviews of other customers, and their buying decision is influenced by it. 

Hence, it is important for you as the business owner to ensure your ratings are high irrespective of your business – B2B, B2C, SaaS, or an e-commerce site. 

In this article, we shall discuss how customer reviews impact your business and insight on how you can utilize the customer service software in the best way to grow your business. 

Importance of customer reviews

Reviews are impactful. Customers tend to trust them more than the business owner when it comes to reviewing the product. This is especially true for a first-time buyer of the product or the brand. 

Some statistics will help see the importance of customer reviews for your business.

  • According to BrightLocal, your potential customers (almost 85% of them) tend to lean on online reviews to make up their minds about the purchase in the absence of trustworthy reviews from family or friends. 
  • A study done by HubSpot Research states that 60% of the customers believe that online reviews are trustworthy. 
  • The BrightLocal survey found that 73% of the customers trust the brand more if the reviews are positive.
  • The same survey also found that of the subject customers, 57% are more likely to visit the website of the brand or the product based on positive online reviews.
  • Customers are always forthcoming to give feedback. The subject customers for this survey, BrightLocal, asked 74% of them to give feedback, of which 68% were enthusiastic about giving one. 

The statistics of the survey and research speak for themselves. Giving feedback online has now become the most trusted source, and people consider it credible. Also, accumulative positive reviews help grow your business. Another interesting point to understand and follow is never hesitating to ask your customers for feedback or reviews. They do not get offended. 

Impact of customer reviews

Customer reviews, to some extent, have the capability to make or break a business. They invariably have an impact on your profits.

  • Build Trust

Customer reviews online are basically the old-time word of mouth business used to create a positive impact on a product. A review or feedback by the customer who has already used the products helps your potential buyer to understand the pros and cons of purchasing the item. More positive ratings help create trust in your brand and lead to a final purchase.

  • Valuable Feedback

The reviews provide you with an insight into the customer's expectations. It will help you understand them better by knowing their likes and dislikes about your product. You can take their inputs to improve the quality of your product and make it more attractive for them to buy

  • Empowers Customers

Customer reviews are basically like community forums. They need not wait for your customer support to clear their doubts. The dependency is reduced, and when they approach you, they have a certain level of clarity in their mind. It empowers them with prior knowledge and helps in smooth interaction between them and your business.

Tips for using customer service software

Before we get into the tips, let us first understand how the customer service tools work. They work in two ways.

  1. From Inside Out

They enable your customer service team to perform their best

  1. From Outside In

They help in capturing, analyzing, and solving the tickets (requests) raised by external customers.

There are numerous customer service tools available in the market. In general, the more technology involved, the more complexity.

A few tips that will help you get the best for your business from the customer service tool you use are as follows.

  1. Tiered customer support

Instead of offering a one-tier platform for all customers, you can explore the option of offering various tiers of the customer service tool to different customers based on their requirements. This will allow your team to help customers efficiently. And the customer need not spend more than what he wants to avail your customer services. Both these will lead to better customer reviews online. 

  1. Automate communications

Customers always seek a response. They will not be happy if there is no revert to their query. AI is so advanced that it can immediately respond to your customer regarding his issues and intimate the concerned staff simultaneously. Ensure that the customer tool you use has the feature of automatic response to the customers.

  1. Use omni channel

Most businesses use multi-channel to listen to and respond to the customers. The customer service tool must be omni-channel and allow for customers to reach out on various platforms. This way, the customer trusts your brand leading to an increase in its credibility. 

  1. Train your team

Most organizations set up a notable customer support system in place but fail to train their team accordingly. You should not make the same mistake. Without personnel efficiency, the best customer service tool will not work as expected, leading to some disgruntlement amongst your customers and hence, bad reviews. Therefore, ensure that your team is capable of handling all the features of the software and using the tool efficiently to meet the customer requirements. 

  1. Use the reports

All customer service software helps generate reports periodically. This report can be customized to meet your requirements. They provide an important analysis of the customer's tendencies and response to your product or brand. They even help you compare the reports from different time periods against different products. For example, it will help you know which profile of customers made the purchase at what period. This insight will help in improving your product and result in better reviews.

  1. Have templates in place

Feed customized templates for various communications into the software. It helps in the standardization of your quality. Your customers will consider you to be consistent and professional. Customer service software can also be used to communicate periodic sales, offers, etc. You can use the feature to set some frequency for generic communication to hit the customer's mailbox. This way, they will feel important and have positive things to share online. 

  1. Share the reviews

Your website or social media handle can have a separate page dedicated to testimonies. To have them, you must collect the customer reviews. Customer Service software tolls help you collect them from various sources and upload them onto your page. 

  1. Create self-service resources

Most customer service software helps build a help desk that your customers can use to resolve the problems on their own. You can use the software to filter out the common queries and issues and provide solutions for them. The best example is the FAQ. The customer need not wait for your representative to get in touch with him. This way, the resolution is quicker and better the ratings for our product. 


We are always taught in business schools that a customer is the King. This is 100% true. Their reviews and recommendations matter if you want your business to grow steadily. There is always scope for improvement as far as customer service is concerned. Using the customer service software and other tools wisely will help generate more positive reviews, which would lead to better business.


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