How to build and manage customer-centric content – An overview

Content pulls traffic over the internet. As your customers search stuff in any search engine, they often limit themselves to browsing only the top search results and ignore the rest. Search engine criteria keep changing periodically to pull up the best results for the search string. Search engines companies don't reveal the recipe behind their search algorithms and ranking criteria. However, one ranking criterion we do know of in SEO is content.

Content drives traffic to your website by various means like incorporating keywords, backlinks, number of visitors, duration of their visits, expertise on the subject, and several other parameters. As search engines become more complex, ranking higher in the search results becomes tougher. Working with a customer-centric content strategy improves your chances of success. Creating relevant content and distributing it is a great way to drive organic traffic, invite prospects to check out your products, and build visibility.

So, what is the best content that you can put out there? A customer-centric business should do everything around customer needs. Quite naturally, your content should include blogs, tutorials, FAQs, notifications, and user guides. Your content strategy should be a targeted endeavor that precisely hooks your target audience to drive relevant traffic to your website. Let’s explore a few ways to pull it off.

Content relevance

Modern search engines can gauge the relevance of content on a particular website using various parameters like traffic, backlinks, and time spent on the page by visitors. As search engine algorithms become increasingly complex and adept at weeding out slackers, curating and developing relevant content that engages the visitors is the only way to gain more visibility. You cannot be hitting the dark here. You need a well-thought-out content strategy with a clearly defined target audience and set goals.

Developing a content plan with enough meat to captivate your audience requires you to think in your customer’s shoes. What you post must resonate with your target audience and leave a mark to keep them coming back for more. Your content must be factual to deliver relevant information and engaging enough to avoid overwhelming people. You can get creative and engage your audience through more than just words on the screen by posting videos, animations, images, infographics, virtual reality, and podcasts. The only limit is your imagination, and the only criteria here is quality.

Brand voice 

Your content establishes the voice of your brand and customer perception consequently. The tonality thus created needs to be in sync with the brand image you wish to convey. The worst thing you can have is content that works against your brand strategy. A brand for casual apparel or sporting equipment cannot afford to look serious and formal. Contrarily, a brand for suits cannot afford to be casual. Build your content around a brand voice from the start.

A brand voice that resonates with your intended message and the customer expectations leads to excellent traffic and visibility. Getting the tonality right is a delicate task as content development offers almost infinite possibilities, and you can easily stray from your path. Think from the perspective of your audience and gauge if the content tonality sits well with the customers.

Well-rounded approach

Your content strategy should address the entire spectrum of your customer’s journey. The content should initiate your customers to your products, guide them in working with it, address common issues, and allow access to further assistance through your teams. Your content strategy should hit all bases, and it needs to do it synchronously. Leaving gaps in your content will be a lost opportunity for you to generate traffic and leave the customers confused on certain aspects that you don't need!

How can you develop content that addresses all vital points? You need to understand your customers and their journey. Think of potential pain points and content opportunities along the customer journey that fits well with your brand voice. Do not overload the customers with information. Keep it simple and sweet enough for your audience to understand and savor. 


Building content that oozes authority on a certain subject or domain is the best way to boost traffic, although it's not the easiest. Building authority content requires consistent effort over a while that leads to sufficient traffic for the search keywords and enough backlinks from other websites. Things are complicated further by modern search engines that can look for the duration of stay on your page by inbound traffic to weed out outliers that hack the search engine algorithms through spurious methods. Credibility is built with time, effort, and careful planning. But once built, it keeps your website at the top of the table longer than any other stuff.

Content dissemination

While developing good content is a great way to boost organic traffic, you can insert yourself in the center of your audience by distributing content on platforms like social media, publications, and media. Content distribution through various channels brings in additional traffic gained through publicity. It also builds authority in multiple streams establishing your brand as customer-centric and top of the line.

Competition analysis

This is perhaps the easiest way for rookies to get into content marketing and SEO. The strategy is simple – study your competition, find out what, why, and how they do it and copy it yourself. Although content is copyright protected, content strategy isn't. This is a great way to rob your competition of their traffic and push your way into the crowded market. This pilot strategy can be developed further by adding your own ideas and structures.


Content is the fuel that drives traffic to your website and improves your visibility online. Engaging content is a great hook that ropes in immense traffic and consistent business. The power of content marketing has been amped up by internet connectivity and mobile technology. Content marketing sets the stage for a new era in branding and sales with unlimited potential and virtually no limitations.

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