How Does Wolken's Customer Service Assure Customers Of A High-Quality, Seamless Experience?

Wolken is a customer-centric enterprise whose vision is to innovate and develop high-quality service desks for individuals or small/big-size companies.

Its mission is to create a feature-rich and cost-effective platform for improving and succeeding in world markets. Wolken was founded with the desire to make high-quality service assistance accessible to all businesses.

It was founded in 2011 as a privately held software firm located in Bangalore, India, and Palo Alto, California. With out-of-the-box, customizable, and scalable corporate service desk solutions delivered in the cloud or on-premises, they set out to assist modern enterprises in changing their connections with customers and workers.

Below are various features which Wolken provides to its vast customer base.

Wolken Care

With intelligent automation, omnichannel support, and transparent reporting, Wolken Care is a self-service helpdesk solution that gives your company the ability to provide clients with the greatest support and assistance possible. With the help of this cloud-based tool, you can transform how you communicate with your clients, provide quicker and better answers, and monitor how effectively they are being helped.

  • Easy to Use, Secure by Design, Scalable on Demand
  • Best works for small and medium-sized companies
  • Wolken Care is entirely user-configurable and requires little to no outside support network
  • Wolken Care has a "Pay as you grow" pricing structure

Various functions provided by Wolken Care are as below.

Superior Customer Service And Hassle-Free Setup For Your Agents

  • They offer everything you need if you want a ServiceDesk solution with Omnichannel support, clever automation, and understandable reporting. However, they do not want to wait months for it to be set up. 
  • The newest product in their line, Wolken Care, is ideally suited for small and medium-sized businesses. 
  • Their goal is to simplify your support procedures so customers may devote more time to expanding their business.

Curated For Excellence In Customer Service

  • Wolken Care is a well-crafted cloud-native, self-service customer service desk of enterprise standard for small and medium-sized organizations. 

Ease Of Access With Wolken Care Widget

  • The Wolken widget is simple to incorporate into a website. It has a built-in knowledge base and is entirely configurable by one’s brand rules. With the Wolken widget, you may enhance the client experience by adding another noticeable channel to the existing methods of customer connection.

Faster Resolutions

  • Wolken Care has a built-in multilingual knowledge library accessible to clients and agents and aids in real-time query resolution. 
  • With the Wolken Care knowledge base module, one can quickly search, tag, and locate informative content in Wolken's centralized repository.

Enterprise Customer Care Desk

A simple, scalable, and secure cloud-native customer service solution is Wolken Customer ServiceDesk. Wolken ServiceDesk has several plug-and-play capabilities that can assist you with

  • Increased customer happiness
  • Agent performance improvement
  • Faster market time
  • TCO reduced up to 50%

Various functions of Wolken, Customer Care Desk are as below.


  • Every business needs various customizable tools, and Wolken ServiceDesk offers them all. 
  • Their knowledge base, ready-made enterprise connectors, and round-the-clock backend support guarantee not just quick replies and suitable solutions but also a customized experience in every encounter.


  • With Wolken ServiceDesk's Omni channel feature, customers can contact you through various channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, email, widgets, and more. 
  • This feature also helps to provide a personalized experience by intelligently routing tickets based on the complexity and needs of the customer.

Services Offered by Wolken Customer Care Desk

Business Integrations

There are several prebuilt corporate application connectors included with Wolken ServiceDesk.

Information Base

In Wolken's unified collection, one can quickly search, tag, and locate insightful articles for practical solutions.


Multiple channels are included in the Omnichannel Wolken ServiceDesk to enable smooth client interactions whenever and wherever they occur.


To guarantee flawless deliveries, establish rigid standards for your company procedures.

Wolken Mobile App

Wolken mobile app for customers who are always on the run


Wolken ServiceDesk's sophisticated insights and configurable dashboards provide efficient operational reporting.

Adaptable Platform

To assist in showcasing the necessary analytics and giving your teams visibility into the tickets that need urgent attention, we provide one-click customizable.

IT Management

IT service management from Wolken helps businesses manage internal issues and maintain control over business processes. Change Management, Incident Management, Problem Management, and IT Asset Management are among the specialized modules offered by Wolken, along with:

  • A multilingual knowledge base to guarantee productivity growth
  • Cubot, a business intelligence tool, will aid in-depth analysis and increase effectiveness.
  • ITIL Certified and Pink Verified

Wolken’s IT service management includes:

Managing Incidents And Issues

With the help of AI, users can improve agent efficiency, transparency, and reaction times.

Managing Change Requests

With their Change Request Management Solution, embrace dynamic change. Your IT framework may be changed quickly and simply using Wolken.

Problem Solving

A module that not only sends issues to a specialist agent but also groups related occurrences prevents recurrences and thereby reduces the effect of incidents while swiftly providing your agents with data can help you advance problem solutions.


Take charge of your IT service structure by developing a more efficient CMDB design, comprehensively understanding your configuration item lifecycle events, and synchronizing CI modifications to service request numbers. CMDB tools empower organizations with informed decision-making.

Organizational HR Case Management

The HR Case Management System from Wolken aids in quickly and effectively closing the gap between employers and workers in ways like:

  • A happy workforce leads to a happy business, which improves organizational performance.
  • Employees may quickly submit questions by clicking a button.
  • A custom knowledge base with extensive resources for quicker query resolution

Benefits from Wolken’s organizational HR case management are:


The use of automated procedures has reduced human error.


Decrease in manual work and increase in productivity

Cost Reduction

Total expenditure decreases due to increased agent productivity, reduced operating costs, and the lack of third-party backend support.

Better Tracking

More effectively, keep track of performance KPIs and other indicators.

Give your best resources more authority and aid them in resolving various issues with Wolken’s below services:

  • Insurance and medical plans
  • Appraisals and bonus reviews
  • Employee onboarding
  • Leave requests and approvals


With Wolken ServiceDesk, your customers may interact with you via phone, social media, email, and other channels while receiving an integrated, high-end customer experience. It has an internal knowledge base that both customers and agents may access to assist with real-time query resolution.

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