How Can Wolken help you reduce your operations cost by up to 50% ?

You might have thousands of customers worldwide. They may need to purchase your products or services and require your assistance over the phone or the internet. So it might become impossible to keep up with them. You can hire more people to work for you, or you can use a customer service desk. 

A customer service desk is software that helps you deal with several customers. It can use automation to reduce the need for employees, reducing your operations cost. Moreover, customers need personalized services. And that is only possible if you can analyze data and get insights. A customer service desk can help you organize customer communications and deliver an excellent experience. 

What is a Customer Service Desk?

A customer service desk is a tool for your customer service teams to manage service requests. It is the single point of contact between your company and customers. Besides taking customer requests, you can also use a customer service desk to organize communications with employees. 

A service desk usually provides proactive customer service by dealing with incidents and service requests. The alternative to the service desk is a help desk. However, your cost will significantly increase because you need to hire more employees. 

How does a Customer Service Desk work?

A service desk uses the ticketing system. This system can effectively manage incoming requests. Additionally, it has various features like knowledge base, third-party integration, real-time reports, etc. These features will make your customer service more efficient and less costly.

Benefits of Adopting a Service Desk

You can use a service desk to increase your customer service team’s efficiency. It provides tools to manage requests and personalize customer service. The service desk also may incorporate analytics functions to determine common roadblocks. 

Here are two main benefits of adopting a service desk:

Proactive Support

You can help your customers proactively before even they realize the problems. It will make you a customer-centric business. Moreover, you can eliminate the need for customer interaction, saving time and cost. 

Improved Productivity

A service desk helps you become more organized. Well-organized tickets make collaboration and problem resolution quick. For example, a service desk allows you to organize tickets by open, closed, unresolved, etc. These terms will make it easier for the correct agents to resolve the requests. Consequently, your team will spend time per request.

What are the features of a Service Desk that help reduce cost?

  • Knowledge Base: Customers no longer want to wait for customer support. They want you to give them opportunities for self-service. So, a knowledge base can help you with that. You can add repeated queries to the knowledge base that you and your customers can view. Customers can look at them before requesting service and may not require assistance. This method will save money and time by reducing inbound requests.
  • Integration: You can integrate third-party tools to work with the service desk. These third-party tools will reduce the burden of cost on your resources. For example,
  • G-mail: you can capture incoming mail 
  • Facebook: customers can reach you via Facebook, and you can respond to them quickly
  • Twitter: customers can tweet queries and request your assistance
  • Whatsapp: you can interact with customers on WhatsApp without leaving the service desk
  • Slack: you can stay in touch with your enterprise from the service desk through slack integration
  • Omnichannel Support: You can stay connected with your customers across various channels like e-mail, social media, and telephone. It will help you:
  • avoid duplication
  • Respond to multiple queries simultaneously
  • Deliver seamless and integrated experiences across touchpoints
  • access unified history of all channels
  • Reduce customer service costs as setting up social media for service is very straightforward.
  • Real-Time Reports: Reports are necessary if you want to understand the performance of your business. They will indicate problems before you can see their effect on the company. Therefore, reports enable you to rectify the mistakes well in advance, saving you time and money. You can get query reports in real-time to identify the channel traffic and trending customers. The functionalities may include:
  • predefined attributes to better analyze your business process
  • tree graph reports
  • business intelligence tool to get detailed insights and make smarter decisions
  • SLA Management: you can set Service Level Agreements between you and customers based on various attributes, including location, case, and priority. In addition, you may get automated reports on violations of SLA. Again, automation and simplified management reduce the time and money spent on the process.
  • Customer Satisfaction Modules: You can get customer feedback using a predefined question library with a service desk. You can get triggers for particular situations, for example, a best or the worst rating. 
  • Workforce Management: Effectively understanding and managing your employees improves productivity and reduces costs. Many service desk software come with a workforce management module to effectively manage your human resources. For example, 
  • You can set rules, like the maximum cases an agent can have in a day.
  • Keep track of a customer service agent’s daily activity.
  • Automation: You can automate your workflow based on time-based or event-based rules. For example, you can automatically assign cases to an agent based on the location of the service request. Automation reduces cost by eliminating the need for an employer. Moreover, you can optimize the resources more efficiently and save time and money. 
  • Chatbots: People nowadays prefer chatting to calling. Chatting leaves history that they can look up, and they can do it anytime. Again as direct labor costs more, using a chatbot for basic customer service operations can significantly reduce operations costs. Many service desk software now comes with integrated chatbot software. They can operate 24/7, handle direct, frequently asked questions, and you can program it to function in any language. In addition, they are extremely fast in their response time. And for the queries that are out of scope, they will quickly connect the customer to an agent. 

In conclusion, customer service is a time-consuming and expensive process. With increasing competition, customers want excellent service, or they will switch to your competitor. And to provide excellent customer service you need a service desk software. They will provide facilities such as omnichannel support, help desk automation, a knowledge base, and ticket organization. An effective service desk software will ensure your customer service operations are smooth and fool-proof. 

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