Everything You Need To Know About Wolken HR Case Management Software

Human resources play a crucial role in every firm. It oversees formulating, applying, and modifying policies and practices related to the workforce. It involves various tasks, such as hiring new employees, managing payroll, and closing the communication gap between managers and workers.  

Furthermore, managing the cases sent to the department is an important responsibility of every HR department. Case management has grown increasingly crucial as HR has developed over time to ensure a great employee experience. Efficient HR case management requires specialised HR case management software.  

HR Case Management  

HR departments use case management to handle staff inquiries and questions. An HR case management system, a technological solution to increase case management efficiency, is often used to receive and manage inquiries and demands. In addition, the employees can monitor how and by whom their questions are answered in such a system. Effective HR customer service and support functions depend on solid HR case management procedures. 

Moreover, the HR team handles most cases involving employees' security. The HR department handles various situations, including grievances, complaints, payroll problems, policy revisions, employee onboarding, and offboarding. These instances typically demand a lot of physical labour, such as filing paperwork, raising written requests, researching problems, and sending emails. Considering how difficult and time-consuming these activities are, there is a clear need for automation. 

Types Of HR Cases  

Inspections are frequently a part of HR case management. When an employee requests or complains, the HR manager assigns the problem or request to a worker who handles cases. They are in charge of everything, including directing the request through the appropriate steps, following up with the employee to let them know how their requests are progressing, looking into the truth or root cause, working with different teams as needed, and concluding the process.  

Here are a few situations that the HR department has to deal with:  

1. Incidents  

2. Grievances  

3. Disputes  

4. Complaints  

5. Policy revisions  

6. Harassment investigations  

7. Employee onboarding  

8. Employee offboarding  

9. Payroll issues  

10. Terminations  

How Does HR Case Management Work  

The digitisation of human resources is progressing, just like that of every other department in an organisation. The HR teams may easily handle, track, and resolve employee-related matters with an automated HR case management system.  

As soon as an employee raises a concern, the HR manager assigns the case to a team member who will serve as the main point of contact for all matters about the case. After assessing the facts given by the employee, the case handler plots the case's course and uses their discretion to take the necessary steps to resolve it.  

In addition, including fresh information and how it alters the investigation's direction will also need to be considered. Sometimes the investigation will need working with several teams and keeping an accessible and verifiable record of all communications with stakeholders, employees, and other teams.  

Lastly, because HR matters are time-sensitive, case handlers must be nimble on their feet and knowledgeable to determine context and reach a resolution quickly. With all of this, an HR case management solution is really helpful.  

Benefits Of An HR Case Management System  

A few benefits of an HR case management system are listed below:  

Ease of Investigation  

The environment is vitally necessary for promoting a favourable settlement in HR cases. Case handlers may easily gather all the relevant data and information for the case in one location using an HR case management system. Once the evidence has been analysed, they can draw meaningful conclusions that aid in a swift and effective resolution of the case.  

Information-sharing with all parties  

All parties involved in the case are kept informed thanks to an HR case management solution. It allows case handlers to follow suit from inception to conclusion by keeping all parties involved, including stakeholders, up to date on every action performed. They can also receive periodic updates to inform them of any status changes.  

Quicker approvals  

Some case-related actions will require management or higher-up approval, which might become a case blockage. An automated HR case management solution expedites any action item or request that needs approval from a manager. It provides all the data necessary for managers to intervene and make an informed choice regarding the step or action, significantly reducing the time needed to handle problems.  

Fast escalation  

Any department that manages cases hates escalations. But regrettably, escalation does take place. Using an HR case management tool, it is simple to easily transfer cases to different people, teams, or higher-ups (in the event of vertical escalations). Because the succeeding case has already been logged in the system, the case handler has access to all the information needed for a quick resolution. 

Ease of collaboration  

It will take the cooperation of other teams or members to resolve some HR situations because they are more complicated than others. By carrying out duties that will result in the case's successful resolution, case management enables the participation of the required teams, persons, and authorities inside the organisation.  

Appropriate documentation  

Every employee-related case revolves around accurate recordkeeping. All data is logged and available inside the system thanks to HR case management's seamless integration with other business organisation tools. Additionally, it ensures that case managers always have access to a trail of to-dos and pertinent paperwork.  

Smarter decision-making  

Let's be honest. The situations that HR staff handle often have tight deadlines. The sooner they are resolved, the sooner damage management and preventative measures may be taken. HR case management solutions not only assist case handlers in quickly and effectively resolving problems but also lead to employee satisfaction and improve the organisation's reputation.  


A robust case management procedure for HR will not only help you rapidly address problems and respond to inquiries, but it will also keep your company in compliance and improve employee satisfaction. Investment benefits include personnel retention and access to predictive data for planning.  

Additionally, it offers important information about areas where employee populations may be unhappy with their working conditions. The increased adaptability enables organisations to quickly change course as new information becomes available and significantly reduces the time needed to resolve sensitive instances.

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