Ease & Flexibility of Using Wolken Service Desk

The platform takes too long to load, oh it takes forever to switch between screens, how can I respond to queries from numerous channels faster? Can I comfortably take a quick break for my cup of coffee and not have my boss yell at me? We hear you and we have got you covered. Read on to understand how Wolken ServiceDesk will help you solve all your agent queries and help them improve their productivity significantly.


Wolken Software provides a suite of SaaS 2.0 cloud-native, AI & ML enabled applications for Customer Service and Enterprise Solutions namely Wolken Customer ServiceDesk, Enterprise Service Management, HR Case Management & Quality ServiceDesk.


A simple, secure, smart, multichannel and cost-efficient platform designed, implemented and supported by Wolken Software, using a Web-based solution that integrates network monitoring and asset discovery systems.


Our customers have been able to provide personalized, seamless experiences and have served 50M+ users, resolved 7M+ tickets, and currently have over 5000+ support experts spread out in over 60+ countries.


We at Wolken have successfully replaced incumbents like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Zendesk etc. at various Fortune100, 200 & 500 companies and helped them to reduce their TCO by up to 50%.


Let us look at some of the key factors that make us stand out. #WolkenEdge

Wolken Help Desk Software

Out of the Box Solutions

Wolken provides ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions and comes with a Pre-configured Setups, Multi-Unit and Multilingual platform with an option for Public/Private Cloud Deployment.


Reduced Customizations

Wolken ServiceDesk is built with a Drag and Drop model and requires low to no coding for any customizations required, thus saving the Enterprise a lot of time and money.


Zero Complexity

Wolken ServiceDesk is extremely user friendly, swift and simple. Let’s you mark yourself available to take cases, or away in case you’re on your quick coffee breaks in which case the manager can set up the rules to not assign any cases to the agent. The UI is tremendously smooth to work with and helps increase productivity.


AI & ML Enabled

Wolken's ServiceDesk is an intuitive platform that lets you auto classify, auto route and auto assign cases to the right agents based on case history and case priority.


Reduced Cost

Given that the platform warrants low, or no maintenance helps enterprises save on maintaining an internal/partner IT team (Wolken specialist) to support the system on a day-to-day basis and also helps you reduce your total cost of operations by up to 30 – 60%.


Faster TTM

Wolken ServiceDesk’s configurability, simplicity, world class interactions on the platform that are simplified to suit the need of the enterprises help in Wolken's modular architecture, built with REST APIs for most integrations expedites the time to market to around 6-8 weeks in most cases.


Wolken ServiceDesk is highly flexible with configurable tools that are essential for every enterprise and is easy to get started with due to the pre-built enterprise integrations and 24/7 backend support, ensuring not only fast responses and satisfactory solutions but also a personalized experience in every interaction.

To know more about Wolken ServiceDesk visit https://www.wolkensoftware.com or to request a demo, please send an email to sales@wolkensoftware.com.

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