15 Best IT Ticketing Systems for 2024


With the growing stage of complexity in IT infrastructures and consumer needs, having a reliable best IT ticketing systems is vital. IT ticketing system is a software program specially designed for IT departments to manage and track requests from clients. These requests are referred to as tickets. Its functions include ticket creation, racking, prioritization, communication, resolution, streamlining workflow and improving customer support methods.

In this blog, we will study why IT ticketing systems are important, features in best ticketing system, which is the best ticketing system for small business, which elements to take into consideration when selecting one, and the 15 best IT ticketing systems for 2024.

Why IT Ticketing Systems are Essential?

IT ticketing systems serve as a tool to facilitate communication between IT teams and end users, ensuring that issues are addressed and resolved promptly. The best IT ticketing systems enhances efficiency, transparency, accountability, productivity, and customer satisfaction through the implementation of a well-prepared workflow and monitoring system. They streamline the process of managing and resolving IT-related problems and requests. The best IT ticketing systems allows for the analysis of trends and identification of routine problems, and proactive troubleshooting. 

Key Features to Look for in an IT Ticketing System

  • Ticket Creation and Management

    : Easy ticket submission for users and comprehensive tools for staff to manage, categorize, and prioritize tickets effectively.
  • Automation

    : Automation capabilities include ticket routing, assignment, and automated responses to streamline repetitive tasks.
  • Integration

    : Integration with a knowledge base allows IT teams to access documentation and find solutions to common problems to enhance workflow. 
  • Reporting and Analytics

    : Comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities to track performance metrics and measure team effectiveness.
  • Security and Compliance

    : Robust security features to protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Scalability and Flexibility

    : Scalable architecture that can grow with your organization's needs and flexible configuration options to adapt to changing requirements over time.

The 15 Best IT Ticketing Systems for 2024

  1. Wolken Software

    It is the best IT ticketing system offering single cloud platform IT service management. It streamlines, digitizes, and automates the process for the best experience. 
    Features: Incident management, change management, problem management, configuration management database (CMDB), service request management, knowledge base, enterprise integration, automation, real-time reporting, dashboard, SLA management, and survey module.
    Strengths: Extensive feature range, user-friendly interface, simplified process, reduced cost of operations, mobile application, scalable, adapts to enterprise needs.
    Limitations: Training is needed to understand complex systems.

  2. Zendesk

    It is a powerful cloud-based fully integrated IT support ticketing system. 
    Features: Ticket routing, multilingual support, searchable employee and customer database, access to customer history, pre-build analytics dashboard, automation features, and knowledge-based integration.
    Strengths: User-friendly interface, scalability.
    Limitations: Limited customization options, time to learn.

  3. Jira Service Management

    Atlassian’s Jira Service Management with its intuitive interface and customizable features offers an IT ticketing system. 
    Features: Alert and call schedule, multichannel support, automation feature, prioritized queues, integrated knowledge base and self-service option, ITIL-certified processes, customizable templates, third-party integration, etc.
    Strengths: Seamless integration, customizable workflow.
    Limitations: Limited options for managing repetitive incidents.

  4. Freshservice

    Freshservice with its intuitive user interface can be a seen as a good choice for ITSM. 
    Features: Intuitive customer grade services, knowledge management, unified service catalogue, AI-powered service management, problem management, change management, and release management.
    Strengths: Quick set-up, multichannel support.
    Limitations: Automation functionalities may be limited.

  5. ServiceNow

    ServiceNow is a cloud-based platform that offers IT service management with functions like IT ticket management, task prioritization, progress tracking and others. 
    Features: AI platform, configuration management database, digital project release, knowledge base, incident management, change management, problem management, and service catalogue.
    Strengths: Robust ITIL-based processes, and scalability.
    Limitations: High cost, complex implementation.

  6. BMC Helix ITSM

    BMC Helix ITSM is a platform that offers IT service management tools, including ticketing, asset management, and service request catalogues. 
    Features: Incident management, problem management, configuration management, strong automation, advanced customization, multi-cloud management, and CMDM integration.
    Strengths: Integration capabilities, scalability.
    Limitations: Expensive, complex implementation.

  7. SysAid

    SysAid is a cloud-based IT service management solution with its all-in-one solution, and remote-control capabilities. 
    Features: Incident control, customizable dashboard, self-service portal, IT asset discovery, generative AI, third-party integration, automation, and service level management.
    Strengths: Easy setup, low pricing.
    Limitations: Limited advanced features.

  8. SolarWinds Service Desk

    It is a cloud-based ITSM platform having its USP lie in user-friendly interface, customized workflow, automation and integration capabilities.
    Features: Incident control, problem management, ITIL processes, service catalogue, live chat, schedule reporting, ticket prioritization, knowledge base.
    Strengths: Intuitive interface, automation skills.
    Limitations: Limited customization options.

  9. Spiceworks Help Desk

    Spiceworks Help Desk is a free IT ticketing system suitable for small to medium-sized corporations.
    Features: Ticket management, multichannel, priority ticketing, knowledge base, self-service portal, cloud and on-premises version, reporting.
    Strengths: Free to use, easy setup, customizable.
    Limitations: Limited scalability, basic features, forceful ads, promotional emails.

  10. Kayako

    The IT ticketing system includes standout features like customer journey mapping collaborations.
    Features:Omnichannel support, single view conversation interface, self-service knowledge base, cloud and on-premises support, CSAT score, analytics dashboard, smart routing, multilingual, third-party tools.
    Strengths: User-friendly interface, customizable.
    Limitations:Some features may require add-ons.

  11. Zoho Desk

    Zoho Desk is an IT ticketing system that offers ticketing, self-service, and multichannel support.
    Features:Ticket management, AI-powered automation, managing cross-functional service processes, auto tags ticket, easy integration with other tools, live chat, knowledge base.
    Strengths: Affordable pricing, multilanguage, and support across multiple channels.
    Limitations:Limited customization and ITSM options.

  12. HappyFox

    HappyFox is a cloud-based and on-premises ticketing system with automated and repeated process features.
    Features:Pinned ticket features, private notes for confidentiality, knowledge base, multiple languages, third-party integration, ticket queue, and omnichannel ticketing.
    Strengths:Easy to set up, customizable.
    Limitations:Advanced features are available in higher-priced plans.

  13. Help Scout

    Help Scout is a suitable ticketing system, offering IT ticketing capabilities with email management.
    Features:Team collaborations, saved replies, AI assistance, knowledge-based, automation, and third-party integration.
    Strengths:Simple and intuitive interface, robust reporting.
    Limitations:Lacks some advanced features.

  14. TOPDesk

    This IT service and support ticketing system has a user-friendly interface and click-and-move features.
    Features:Incident management, problem management, asset management, SLA monitoring.
    Strengths:User-friendly, customizable, quick set-up.
    Limitations:Limited automation capabilities, require add-ons.

  15. Ivanti Service Management Software

    It can be a choice of ticketing system for modern endpoint IT service management.
    Features:Cloud or on-premises services, self-engaging service, knowledge-based integration, incident tracking, and collaborative tools.
    Strengths:Scalable, change control, analytics capabilities.
    Limitations:Higher cost, complex implementation.

How to Choose the Right IT Ticketing System for Your Organization?

  • Assess Your Needs

    : Identify your organization's specific requirements, including the load and type of tickets, integration needs, financial constraints, and compliance considerations.
  • Research Available Options

    : Research best IT ticketing systems, considering factors such as vendor reputation, customer reviews, features, pricing, scalability, and ease of implementation.
  • Request Demos and Trials

    : Schedule demos or request trial versions of the shortlisted ticketing systems to evaluate their user interface, functionality, customization options, and ease of use.
  • Integration

    : Assess the integration capabilities of each best IT ticketing systems with your current IT infrastructure.
  • Review Pricing and Licensing

    : Consider factors such as upfront costs, ongoing maintenance expenses, scalability, and potential additional fees.
  • Consider Scalability

    : Ensure that the selected IT ticketing system can scale with your business's growth.

Implementing your New IT Ticketing System

To get the best benefits of customer service ticketing system, you need to follow a proper implementation plan:

  • Plan Thoroughly:

    Develop a detailed implementation plan with goals, objectives, and timelines. 
  • Train Users and Administrators:

    Provide comprehensive training to IT personnel and end customers and run pilot testing.
  • Migration of Data:

    Safely migrate present records and tickets to the new machine.
  • Monitor and Optimize

    : Continuously reveal system performance, accumulate feedback for optimization and keep scope for continuous development.


Investing in the best IT ticketing systems is essential for organizations to streamline support operations, enhance efficiency, and improve customer experience. By understanding the key capabilities to look for and comparing the best IT ticketing systems options available, businesses can select best IT ticketing systems that meets their specific needs that sets them up for success in 2024 and beyond.


What is an IT ticketing system?

An IT ticketing system is a software tool used by organizations to manage IT operations or services. The best IT ticketing systems like Wolken Software helps streamline communication between customers and IT teams by organizing, prioritizing, and resolving issues efficiently. 

What are the top IT ticketing systems for 2024?

The top IT ticketing systems include Wolken Software, Zendesk, SysAid, and others. These systems provide customer satisfaction and robust ticketing capabilities.

What are the key features to look for in an IT ticketing system?

The best IT ticketing systems includes functions like ticket management, automation, knowledge base, SLA management, reporting and analytics, and integration capabilities.

How to choose the right IT ticketing system for your organisation?

Consider the following features to select the best IT ticketing systems: access your needs, research alternatives, slender down alternatives, request demos and trials, evaluate functions, recollect scalability, integration abilities, price range, customer support, security and compliance, consider user feedback, and rely on non-stop improvement.

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