AWS Re:Invent 2019 – Wolken Software’s Debut as a “Select-Tier Partner”

AWS Re:Invent was truly a global event. It apparently brought 71K individuals from several countries, all aspiring to learn, network and build next-gen solutions on top of the AWS Cloud.

The timing could not have been any better for us. We signed the Select-Tier Partnership with AWS a couple of months back. This event on the backdrop of that milestone helped us understand how APN (AWS Partner Network) works and how can Wolken and AWS partner for joint success and growth in the market while delivering strategic value to F2000 Enterprises.

From the keynote of Andy Jassy to all the breakout/industry sessions, it was very clear that AWS is investing and building capabilities that would help Enterprises and Startups alike, in building vertical and horizontal use case solutions, for B2B and B2C industries.

Core Compute Power, Speed, handling Big Data and democratizing ML via SageMaker IDE were some of the big feature announcements. Not to be left alone Verizon joined hands with AWS and announced 5G ready network infrastructure on top of AWS that would deliver single-digit millisecond latency to end-users/consumers.

Here are our Top 3 takeaways from the event –

Hybrid Cloud is the new Enterprise reality –

AWS Outposts announcement follows similar announcements from Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure in recent months. This makes the circle complete.

A clear acknowledgment by these Cloud leaders that Enterprises will adopt a hybrid cloud architecture, which could include public cloud from 1 or more providers plus owning their Datacenter for mission-critical applications and for DR/BCP needs.

This trend would help SaaS service providers like us as this would not limit us from partnering with Customers who are on AWS, while not architecturally forcing us to explore hosting it on other cloud providers.

Big-Data aided ML explosion is coming

AWS SageMaker Studio IDE along with its other features like CodeGuru is going to democratize ML like nothing before. The amount of use cases and innovative solutions that would pop across the world is unimaginable.

Enterprise adoption of ML has been slow and cautious so far given their challenges in data and a single source of truth. We can expect a lot to change and most of these changes would happen in the front office like Customer Service, Sales, Marketing and other similar functions.

Wolken leverages ML framework from AWS in its architecture and is excited to learn more about SageMaker features and explore them to add value to our Customers.

More Technology Agility for Business

In summary, hyper-fast compute at scale, 5G enabled use cases and ML at scale is meant to help Businesses gain more control and agility. This should help businesses focus on their core strategy and grow in their marketplace.

And a lot of Enterprise IT latency has been taken out of the table, as these features help CIOs make decisions, enable features and test and deploy them faster.

Wolken’s Flex Configurator module is built along those themes. The idea is to provide more control and agility to business so that they can make their business, workflow, rules, SLA and reporting changes on their need, without expending IT effort and cost.

In summary, we learned a lot at AWS Reinvent ad we are excited about the partnership with AWS and how it would help us both grow.

CY 2020 is going to a big year in bringing our core values to Enterprises and make them ServiceDesk environment less Complex, less Customized and less Costly.

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