Are Your Employees Ready for Your Digital Transformation Journey?

Back in the 2000s when we received our laptops and Blackberries, we were all super-thrilled as our weekday experience was much better and smoother than our weekend experience. When it came to technology, collaboration and engaging with the world was made easy.

But in the last 10 odd years we have seen the consumer technology and experience leapfrog enterprises by a mile and more.

Career aspirants and employees at large, and small enterprises too are subjected to arcane, less transparent and complicated processes in the pursuit of Day 1 that make it effective and valuable. The productivity and morale loss during this period is unaccounted for. It has a huge impact on the perception the employee carries of the enterprise and how long he runs before calling it quits for better prospects.

How AI, Automation & Bots are Transforming Customer Support in the Digital Age

Enterprises need to focus on putting in processes and platforms that mirror our weekend experience when it comes to ease, convenience and smoother hand-offs within a workflow with total transparency.

Quoting Richard Branson, Happy employees take care of creating happy customers.Enterprises for the last 5+ years have spent their time, energy and budgets on deploying technologies that provide a seamless digital as well as physical experience to customers, thereby ensuring better engagement.

It is high time that enterprises look inward and re-engineer their hiring and employee on-boarding processes along with taking care of their technology service needs as they arise and ensure they are productive and fully engaged.

Obviously, the next wave of technologies like AI, Conversations, AR/VR, IoT are going to completely revolutionize the engagement journey once again. Enterprises that focus on a unified stakeholder engagement strategy (Internal and External vs External and Internal) would reap better returns on their investments and see happier employees focused on the market and customers, and make them their ultimate promoter and brand champions.

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