An Honest Review of Some of the Best Customer Support Software

There are many customer support software in the market today. With such a varied choice to choose from, it is no easy task to find the best support software. The article is to create an honest review of the more common software’s and to give you a better perspective of what is most suited for your company. 

Wolken: Wolken service desk is a SaaS 2.0 cloud native application for customer service and enterprise service management. With a highly customizable platform, it has in-built features for various customer demands and meeting proper SLAs. It is user-friendly, fully integrated ITIL compliant software that enterprise users can access through the internet. 


. User interface to manage help desk tickets is hard.

. It can be complex and extensive training may be needed to know the system.

Freshdesk: Freshdesk is a cloud- based helpdesk system that offers powerful solutions for customer service. Freshdesk helps automate workflows, offers self-service options, generates reports and manages SLAs. It also unifies conversations from all channels and helps to resolve issues. They also offer a number of useful features such as ticketing, collaboration, field service, automation, customer self-service, reporting and multi-channel support. 


. The ticket management system doesn’t always display the team member name and sometimes confuses the support team. 

. There is no default ticket view for users, such information are stored in cookies and gets lost when users need to delete their cookies. 

. Limitations when it has to support complex business scenarios.

. There is lesser scope for detailed customization.  

Zendesk: Zendesk is a service-first Customer Relationship Management (CRM) company that builds customer engagement software, support and sales, which are designed to better customer relationships. 


. Many functions need to be coded in or created using triggers and automation. Time should be invested to get to know the system. 

. Fails to keep data, the first time around and therefore have to re-enter the information. It can also freeze while still assisting on a call, and takes too long to save callers information when adding notes.

. Would be better if the system has built-in analytics.

. Some integrations are quite complicated which can only be handled by the professionals.

Zoho: Zoho has a number of features such as a shared inbox, phone integration, and chat. It is a web-based helpdesk software that gives you the ability to manage customer support activities efficiently. It also allows you to assign, track and set up alerts on help desk tickets easily. Customization is also available for Zoho desk for your business. Key features include contact management, sales funnels, workflow automation, AI powered conversational assistant and many other features. 


. Features such as chat and AI options for self-service are limited to the highest cost plan. 

. Admin dashboard often works slow. 

. It does not automatically export customer data. This means that you have to manually take it from an online portal and move it over to our spreadsheet. 

. Customer support providers most of the time, send an answer to a question without fully reading and understanding the issue. Responses take too long and are usually a repetition of content from the Zoho help.

. Customization has a limit, where you can go no further, and there is an arbitrary limitation to the number of filters that can be applied to a data set. 

. The free version of Zoho CRM has very minimal features and thus, if you want to use its full potential, then you have to go for the paid version.

Aircall: Aircall is a cloud-based phone system for modern brands. It offers a number of plans suited for different team sizes. Their plans incorporate phone support essentials such as IVR, the ability to set custom business hours, and call queuing. Aircall integrates with the most popular helpdesk and CRM tools, it helps sales and support teams with 3+ users communicate clearly and efficiently. Support teams can instantly add numbers from 100+ countries, scale their teams according to seasonality while also gaining insights through real-time analytics.


. There is a lack of integration with any external device.

. It doesn’t support slow internet. Voice quality during slow internet use should be improved.

. Sometimes, the app doesn’t work as intended and needs to be restarted. 


LiveAgent provides live chat service delivery with features such as real-time typing view, proactive chat invitations based on the active agent availability and website monitoring for chat engagement. It is a fully featured helpdesk and live-chat software that helps you bring personalization to your customer interactions with an all-in one help desk solution. 


. It logs you out of the chat system after five minutes of inactivity and non-usage. This means that if they receive a call or distraction at the other end, you need to fill out the fields and start again. 

. Set-up is not easy, there is a need to contact customer support to handle it.

. Long email refresh time. 

. There can be more social media or chat system integration choices.  

HubSpot Service Hub:

This is an all-around customer service software that connects a variety of tools into one consolidated platform. With a helpdesk software to support your agents and an advanced ticketing system to help keep track of long term service inquiries, HubSpot Service Hub is a good service software. It brings all your customer service data and channels together in one place and helps scale your support through automation and self-service. With the HubSpot CRM, you can align sales and marketing operations along with customer service functions.


. There is no notification to know that there are other multiple people working on the same ticket, until it is too late.

. More integrations to external CX tools such as intercom, JIRA, and others would be good. 

. Automation could be improved to allow creation of macros, greater integration with databases.

. Email tracking can be confusing and does not hold up to conventional email processing systems. 

Final Thoughts

Every company wants to distinguish itself from other competitors and every customer expects excellent customer service delivery. With good customer support software, it is now possible to provide that, and also stand out from other competitors in the market. With different customer service softwares in the market, it is imperative that you understand the needs and features of your company and choose one that is best suited to yours.

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