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Help desk software is nothing less than a machine that responds quickly to worried clients and employees. The resort can be frustrating to customers and put lots of pressure on the teams. The support teams need the tools to ensure a rapid response to any kind of request.

In the last two years, the number of people buying goods online has soared and with those people talking about products and complaints increased as well. For the IT professionals as well the services that people buy are to be managed over.

When just commencing a business operation, those customer issues or requests can hardly get the best of you. Handling issues both internal as well as external can become a challenge. Such a situation heightens the need for the finest help desk software. The best service desk solution is required to retain customers and stay competitive.

So if you are looking for help desk software for support operations, we will discuss and review the best help desk software and the features; first, let us learn what help desk software is.

Help Desk Software

A favored business application organizing every incoming customer communications on a single platform is Help Desk Software. It is a software product used by customer service and IT teams to serve employees or customers. This software helps companies accept, track, and respond to support requests in a proper system. The features such as canned responses, shared inboxes, parent-child ticketing, reports, and many others are available in the help desk software solutions making customer support effortless and entertaining. Many programs provide knowledge bases, SLO management, self-service portals, and reporting as well. It is preferred to look upon the company's specific needs to choose the right help desk software. Help desk managers check on customer queries and observe the execution of support agents.

Several Help Desk Softwares are mentioned below:

Wolken Enterprise Service Desk

  • Wolken Service Desk allows enterprises to deliver excellent customer service while decreasing the cost via automation, integrations, and machine learning. 
  • It is an AI and Cloud-native SaaS for customer support.
  • Wolken Enterprise Service Desk has various features like data security, multi-currency, activity tracking, real-time analytics, and many more.
  • The ServiceDesk supports the Windows and Mac operating systems. The deployment of the Wolken Enterprise ServiceDesk is Cloud Based.
  • The user can avail free trial of Wolken Enterprise Service Desk, which supports both monthly and yearly payment methods.

ProProfs Help Desk

  • ProProfs Help Desk supports businesses of all sizes enabling customer support teams to uphold trail of user requests and settle customer care-related matters.
  • The software includes several salient features such as integrations, collaborative email, timely response with child tickets, canned responses, workflow configuration, and shared inboxes. 
  • These help to accelerate ticket resolution and a pleasant customer experience.
  • ProProfs Help Desk is for all skill levels. Any software or HTML expertise is not required. 
  • The view and access to the support tool are possible from any device or location around the globe.

Zoho Desk

  • Customer-focused companies with dynamic service teams and recurring customer interactions can take the most advantage from the Zoho Desk.
  • Zoho Desk has help desk software that is "context-aware" with multichannel credentials. 
  • It has full pack features like advanced multi-stakeholder process management, a powerful AI assistant, and embeddable self-service. 
  • It does help bring all the tools and context together that are needed to provide good customer service. 
  • A lot of experience in building, maintaining, deploying, and supporting on-premise and cloud software. 
  • To begin with the operations, it also provides a free plan giving 3 free users' plans.


  • Many companies and businesses rely upon Zendesk's customer service solution to produce the most reassuring customer experience. 
  • The deployment of the software is cloud Saas and web-based. The software is robust and adaptable and meets the requirements of any business.
  • An industry-leading customer service solution is what is provided by Zendesk. 
  • The products of Zendesk mostly focus on creating an "omnichannel ticketing system," which can be explained as the shared inbox for all the customer questions and their circuit. 
  • The ticketing system that Zendesk offers is counted as one among the most favored helpdesk software.


  • Freshworks' help desk software is a cloud-based omnichannel help desk solution having multiple components based on the tickets made. 
  • It has a great suite of several features, most of which are production-oriented, making it easy for all teams to collaborate and deliver a great customer support experience.
  • Freshdesk automated workflow, manages SLAs, offers convenient self-service options, and generates reports. 
  • Several companies across the world trust Freshdesk in providing great customer service. 
  • It is used by about 150,000 customers across organizations, which include Bridgestone, HP, Harvard University, and DHL.


  • Freshservice is an online IT Helpdesk presented with a fresh twist. 
  • The tool helps give a restoring user experience in addition to the powerful ticketing and asset management abilities. 
  • These include auto-discovery of new resources, enhanced impact analysis, and powerful configuration management. 
  • The features such as Incident, Problem, Release, Change, and Knowledge Management make Freshservice perfect for the IT management needs of the organization.
  • A user-friendly catalog module installed would offer numerous services for several departments providing easy access to the desired module as per the service request.
  • Its customers comprise MSPs, educational institutions, financial organizations, and government organizations.

Team Support

  • Team Support enriched with a creative SaaS application is built to enhance B2B customer commitment that goes well above the standard customer aid technology. 
  • Having the sole focus on providing the best customer support experience.
  • The software is dedicated to supporting big B2B chains of small commercial establishments rather than on each contact or ticket. 
  • TeamSupport helps in fueling successful client interactions, solving worldly client needs, and eventually providing results like elevated lifetime customer value.

Before you favor a help desk solution, considering different features is necessary. Among many features, you must also look at how the system is communicating with the users on one side and the operation staff on the other. It will help ensure that those capabilities work in the way the business needs them. 

The prospects do support various features, and favoring any of the help desk software mostly depends on the company's or business's demands.

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