AI exceeds Human Performance in Customer-Service – A look into the Future

The march of technology is whizzing past milestones, revealing AI(artificial intelligence) concepts and breakthroughs that have surpassed expectations. The time is not far off when we get to see AI impacting our lives in ways that will make us realize that not all science fiction is fiction after all. Though this may have sounded profound and hyperbole earlier, it is not so anymore. There is no escaping the fact that AI has smashed barriers, thanks to the development of software and systems that have ushered in the likes of Sophia the robot that effortlessly handled an interaction recently without its mentor.

AI is influencing businesses in more ways than one

The strides in neural networks have been not just impressive, but spectacular. Machine learning and emotion aware chatbots are changing the way queries are handled in e-commerce. The ecosystem is awash with concepts and processes that function with various levels of AI. Consequently, many operations are presently a lot more seamless and smooth as a result of AI. The accomplishments in automated processes are presently in various stages of development and constant improvement.

Service Desk Operations gets transformed

AI is definitely the passage to the future in Customer Service Desk operations, which can certainly be the first-off the block in the domain of digital transformation. Back end operations are demanding, requiring organizations to handle processes in a manner that ensures prioritization without affecting routine or other timelines. Ticket resolutions are the touch points that can enhance a customer’s experience with an organization. The complexities of processes include the need to handle requests across channels, in addition to gathering insights about routine requests and the best processes required to handle the same. This can be handled better and more efficiently by AI-powered processes, primarily due to the speed and the ability to handle a large influx of data. The concepts of Neural Turing Machines hold out the promise of better customer service experience with the ability to handle copying, sorting and recall from input and output processes with greater speed and intelligence.

So, when is the change going to be complete?

The question doing the rounds is ‘When AI will outdoor outperform humans?’. Make no mistake of the fact that the question deals with the ‘when’ and not ‘if’. This is proof of not just the developments that have unfolded in the recent past, but the progress being made. While opinions do differ on the time that is expected to elapse before AI actually replaces humans in tasks that are more complex and creative, than the relatively easy to automate tasks, there is consensus that it will happen. Findings in surveys conducted among experts in this domain indicate that it could happen anywhere between 30 to 74 years from now.

Despite the speculation that research in the future would involve results from technology that is not presently available, this by itself is an indication that the process could be faster than imagined. It is time to standby and wait for developments of the kind that DeepMind achieved when it beat the reigning world champion in a game of Go. Yes, it is time to make way for increased AI in processes that can make the difference among differentiators.




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