7 ways a helpdesk software can help your business

It’s been a few years since the move to go paperless got a real thrust. All the emails with saving paper messages, environmental campaigns, and talk of deforestation couldn't stop us from consuming tons of paper. But things changed rapidly at the dawn of the last decade. What was everyone waiting for? Well, we were waiting for better software applications that could virtualize the workflow and free up space on our office desks. Applications can automate the workflow through a series of predefined steps to get the work done, and they can do it fast without human errors.

Man is more intelligent than a computer. But there are certain things that a computer does much better, like analyzing voluminous data, record-keeping, performing fast computations, and doing all these things all over again and again, repeatedly, without getting tired or bored. It makes sense to automate! A great helpdesk software application is a step in the right direction. A helpdesk software refers to an application that can handle requests, route requests through predefined workflows, maintain data for easy retrieval and provide central control over the whole process.

What does a helpdesk application do?

A help desk application, as the name suggests, collects requests from a user self-service interface and lines them up for resolution. The requests arrive in the form of tickets describing the problem at hand. The requests are then categorized, prioritized, and directed by the application to IT specialists who can resolve them. The software has built-in capabilities to route and monitor the status of requests through the workflow to ensure that all service requests are closed on time.

The helpdesk application also allows real-time tracking of the status of requests, redirecting the requests if required, and comes with reporting capabilities of the service requests. It can also send an automatic email to the concerned parties to notify them of progress and updates. Helpdesk application is the virtualization of all the paperwork and queue one would complete, to lodge a service request in the old-fashioned way. The elimination of paper and the dreaded physical queue makes it very elegant.

Benefits of using a helpdesk software

Helpdesk applications bring a host of benefits to the organization. When we speak of the benefits of helpdesk software, we will restrict ourselves to tangible, direct benefits that are visible. Let’s take a look at seven such key advantages brought to the table by helpdesk software:

Workflow improvement

Helpdesk applications improve overall workflow within the organization by streamlining the routine and repetitive tasks. It can receive requests from users on the network, identify the nature of the request, classify the request and direct them to the intended service provider or personnel to get a solution. Managing these requests manually in the absence of an application would require tedious paperwork and resources that wouldn't be nearly as efficient nor accurate. 


Helpdesk applications are scalable that can grow in size with the company. Scalability is easy with cloud integration. Cloud features like pay-as-you-go models and subscription-based services optimize the cost of IT infrastructure and provide a high return on investment from day one. Whether a firm is a startup, a medium-sized high-growth organization, or a corporate behemoth, helpdesk software can cater to businesses of all sizes and shapes.

Data-driven approach

Helpdesk applications integrate data with the interface that provides better customer service. Information is logged, organized, and retained in an easily retrievable form that saves time and effort while servicing a request. Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it, and no organization wants to suffer from “amnesia” in the present competitive market conditions. Utilizing the information from past service requests to tackle new requests, improves the customer experience immensely. 

Performance improvement

Helpdesk applications come with reporting features that provide insights into the workflow bottlenecks. Addressing the bottlenecks leads to more permanent improvements in the workflow that translates into better processes. Tracking key metrics and lessons learned from historical data provides insights that drive long-term benefits in workflow efficiencies.

Tracking and monitoring

No business process is complete without a rigorous tracking and monitoring feature attached to it. Proper tracking and monitoring allow business operations to identify challenges and mitigate bottlenecks. Service requests that are top priority can be moved up the queue to ensure smooth business operations. Overdue service requests are effectively monitored through completion. Helpdesk applications allow real-time tracking of status for requests and help in improving the response time and closure rates for customer requests. 

Trending and analysis

Trending and analysis of data enables better forecasting and helps mitigate potential problems of the future. Helpdesk software comes with a host of data analysis and trending capabilities that empowers you to make better decisions with foresight. Trend analysis provides insights, improves the benchmark for customer service, and builds a dynamic organization that is responsive to customer needs.

FAQs and Customer Support

Most tech issues are repetitive. If it is happening now, it most probably has happened before. The solution that worked in the past, is the best candidate for tackling the problem at hand. By turning repetitive issues into FAQs and self-help guides, helpdesk software helps resolve many service requests at the source by educating the user.

These are just the key advantages for businesses leveraging helpdesk software. Many benefits of deploying a helpdesk application are intangible and cross-functional making them obscure and difficult to quantify. Several organizations have had great success stories in managing the ever-increasing service requests by deploying a helpdesk application.


Helpdesk software is a great way to take your business processes to the next level. Levering technology to drive business growth is the new adage. It helps businesses improve performance and gain a competitive advantage in the market. Companies can hope to thrive only by harnessing the power of technology and having the best resources working for their success.

At Wolken, we help your business realize the true potential of workflow automation. Our vision is to empower our customers with technology that boosts the bottom line. We have been the frontrunner in developing helpdesk applications for several esteemed establishments. Our team of IT professionals work with Clients closely to deliver high end applications that transform business. Get in touch with our team to find out what we can do for your business growth.

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