5 Key Takeaways from the Webinar on KCS as a Foundation for Customer-Service

We, at Wolken recently hosted a Webinar on KCS as a Foundation for Customer Service by Christie Morin, Self Service Innovator at Broadcom Inc., where she shared her in depth knowledge and insights on Knowledge Centered Service and its benefits. 

Let us look at the Key Takeaways from the Webinar - 

1. Knowledge Centered Services Can Improve Customer Experience Significantly

Knowledge-Centered Services (KCS) focuses on Knowledge articles and assets as the epicentre of customer support and an Intelligent easy-to-use Knowledge Base can be an effective partner to your support team when it is built and utilized the right way.

Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) can assist in improving the efficacy, saves time and lets you:

  • Scale your business/ability to do more with what you have  
  • Save $$$ and improve revenue
  • Improved Quality and Products
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT) and Loyalty
  • Improved Customer Experience (enabling self-service)

2. Customers Prefer Self Service over Support Teams

According to the report on 1TSIA (2019,80% of all customers prefer to self-serve with 91% using Google search before contacting a live support engineer and the fact is customers prefer self-service articles and are reluctant to call customer support teams unless they have to.

The below figure 1.1 indicates how organisations can move from the current state of operations to KCS enabled contact centres

Knowledge Management System Software
Fig 1.1

The goal of enabling self-service is to allow users to find answers on their own, whenever they have queries, reducing the need to contact support for issues. This reduces the incoming ticket volume significantly hence saving your organizations time, money, and resources substantially.

3. How Broadcom Adopted Self Service Strategy ?

The below figure 1.2 depicts the Broadcom Self Service Strategy.

Knowledge Management System Software
Fig 1.2

Christie explained that although KCS is an exceedingly elite course to take up, the following helped in easy adoption of KCS at Broadcom and can help other organisations too: 

  1. Training engineers on KCS
  2. Integrate KCS into how problems are solved – common phrase is “search early and search often” with the case management system
  3. Make it super simple to publish articles from a case
  4. Certified Management team
  5. Focus on process – a tool can support processes and that is Important, but employees also need to know the value of what they are doing (or not doing).

4. Key Advantages of adopting KCS in your organisation as per Consortium’s Metrics 

There is a plethora of benefits that come along with KCS. Here are some of the Key Benefits of KCS as per the consortiums benchmark

Solve Cases and Incidents Faster

  • 50 – 60% improved time to resolution
  • 30 – 50% increase in first contact resolution

Optimize Use of Resources

  • 70% improved time to proficiency
  • 20 – 35% improved employee retention 
  • 20 – 40% improvement in employee satisfaction

Enable Self-Service Strategy

  • Improve customer success and use of self-help
  • Support centre cost avoidance of up to 50%

Build Organizational Learning

  • Actionable information to product development about customer issues
  • 10% issue reduction due to root cause removal

5. Wolken’s Technology aids in Broadcom’s Support Excellence !

  • Wolken the preferred vendor for Broadcom is Broadcom’s case management and knowledge platform. Wolken Tool is highly configurable with a plug and play model that is easy to use, simplified and KCS aligned.
  • Wolken Integrates case management and knowledge Creation to simplify and expedite self service
  • Wolken supports KCS practices and has KCS certified team members 
  • Wolken’s Out-of-the-box functionalities include – 
  1. High end user access controls 
  2. Ease of searching and linking of knowledge articles to cases
  3. Create knowledge articles from case, taking case information to populate Knowledge article
  4. One click publishing or archival of articles.
  5. Agent real time reporting
  6. Management trend reporting
  7. And Much more !

To request a demo on Wolken Customer ServiceDesk, please reach us at sales@wolkensoftware.com

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