Can customer service software accelerate business growth?

Building your business around your customers is the elevator to success and finding the right customer service software is like pushing the right buttons in the elevator. You reach the heights of success only if you get it right. One wrong move and your competition will steal the game away from you. Can you afford that?

At Wolken, we recognize the risks and rewards of business better than others. We believe that the best business strategy is to deliver excellent customer service. It is also the most difficult one to get right. People come in different shades, and appealing to their various needs is daunting. But perhaps we live in the best of times as technology can help us overcome our shortcomings.


Customer Service Management Software helps you streamline customer interactions providing a single unified interface. It organizes, stores, and retrieves information in a comprehensive actional format enabling your agents to have an edge in the market. Technology is a business catalyst, and great businesses use all tools to their advantage.

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What is Customer Service Software?

A customer service management software is a unified interface to handle all business interactions with customers. It’s a dashboard or a “crystal ball” to peer into customer mindset, preferences, history, and information. A customer service software performs the tedious tasks of tracking, monitoring, storing, and organizing customer interaction so that your agents can focus on delivering quality service.

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Does your business need Customer Service Software?

The easy answer to this question is that most businesses do. Unless you have a small customer list that you can count with just one hand and have no intention of growing beyond! Chances are high that yours is not one of those businesses.

What does a customer service management software bring to the table for you? Let’s look at a few crucial requirements of the best customer service software:

Automate The Tedious

Streamline your communication

Customer interactions multiply like rabbits and get scrambled unless you have a system to pull it all together. A customer service software brings all customer interaction history under a single interface for ease of navigation, comprehension, and actionable insights.


Knowledge is Power

Your business gets its value from customers. It stands to reason that a better understanding of customers needs to help you improve your business, revenue, and profits. Dealing with different customers and their individual preferences is tedious. As an entrepreneur, you have to understand your customers at an individual and an aggregate market level, emerging with insightful actions.


Speed is money

Leave the tedious tasks of tracking, monitoring, and workflow management to the software application. Standardize your business workflow to see efficiency improvements. Good customer service software should allow you to utilize your resources better by allocating them to the more creative, dynamic, and humane aspects of customer interactions.



Peering into business operations is not an easy task. Analysing information and arriving at actionable insights is even more difficult. The first step towards managing anything is understanding. Visibility into business operations is the first step towards operations control and business improvements.

Customer Support – The Wolken Way!

Wolken Software was founded on the mission to empower customer service with state-of-the-art technology. We have lived up to this mission through our high-quality products that have set industry benchmarks in customer service management software. Wolken customer service software gives you the edge in the competitive market with a rich set of features and ease of deployment.

Wolken customer service software delivers excellent service through a simple interface and configurable architecture. With Wolken, you achieve the twin goals of smartness and speed. Our customer service software features:

An intuitive user interface

Workflow Automation

Configure business workflow and rules into the Wolken customer service software at the click of a few buttons. Standardize the known and increase the process velocity to see operational improvements. Wolken customer service software can be easily configured for any business structure and process with routing, notification, and escalation protocols to ensure smooth business operations.

Data Repository

Omnichannel capabilities

Wolken Customer Service Software comes with easily configurable omnichannel capabilities. Interact with customers at a level of their choosing be it email, SMS, phone calls, WhatsApp, or social media. Improve brand image by providing excellent customer service through various channels of communication.

Data Visualization
Knowledge Base

Develop best practices to deal with customer problems effectively with Wolken customer service software. Understand your customers better than competition through insights gained with every interaction. Pull out information from a comprehensive database of historical transaction records and case studies at the click of a button and deliver an excellent response to customer problems. Create content to address known FAQs and reduce customer pain points at the source. Take insightful actions from the information gained through customer interactions.

Process Integration

Peering into business operations is not an easy task. Analysing information and arriving at actionable insights is even more difficult. The first step towards managing anything is understanding. Visibility into business operations is the first step towards operations control and business improvements.

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Wolken Customer Service Software empowers you to deliver the best customer experience. Get ready to dazzle your customers with delightful interactions and a superior brand image.

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