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IT Service Management

Wolken's IT Service Management helps you stay on top of your business functions and resolve internal issues swiftly. Wolken's dedicated modules for various IT processes viz. - Change Management, Incident Management, Problem Management and IT Asset Management to name a few, ensure exponential rise in productivity & employee satisfaction.

Wolken Software - Service Desk Demo

Wolken Software builds and implements enterprise solutions in the space of internal IT processes or external support operations. It offers the highest level of service performance, quality and delivery by providing a completely scalable and adaptable ITSM solution, built on ITIL best standards and practices. Wolken ServiceDesk is an easy to use, fully integrated ITIL compliant software that enterprise users can access via the internet to track and manage Incidents, Change Requests, Service Requests and CMDB.

Wolken Service Desk - Customer Service Management

Wolken Service Desks' customer service management solution lets you integrate all your customer support functions. It is easy to use, highly intuitive and can be deployed across your enterprise within no time. Boost your support productivity and provide your customers with an experience like none other.

Wolken Service Desk – IT Service Management

Wolken Service Desk is an integrated cloud-based ITSM application for your entire organization. Manage internal tickets faster and better and ensure that your IT team is enabled with the right tools to help your enterprise perform at their best. Boost internal productivity, enhance employee experience and gear your teams for instant scalability.

Wolken - Case management Solution

Enhance your enterprise and customer support with the customized Wolken Case Management solution. Our features ensure case details and history are easy-to-access and, real-time and accurate updates are made to these details with omni-channel capabilities.

Wolken - Customer Support Solution

The Wolken Customer Support solution integrates various support functions such as IVR and case history to enable enhanced customer interactions. It is easy to use, highly intuitive and can be deployed across your enterprise within no time. Boost your support productivity and provide your customers with an experience like none other.

Wolken - Enterprise Support Solution

Navigate your business seamlessly with an Enterprise Service Management solution! Your organization deserves a flawless internal workflow across the board to ensure smooth functioning. Take advantage of the stable enterprise service management solution from Wolken with a unified AI-enabled infrastructure built on years of expertise.

Wolken - Customer Service Transformation at a Fortune 500 Enterprise in Silicon Valley

A Fortune 500 Technology company in Silicon Valley had a compelling need to simplify their Customer Service Desk platform by giving more control to business users and enabling business agility. Watch the video to know how we transformed their customer service experience.

Wolken Customer Service Cloud

Wolken Customer Service is a holistic customer care solution that is simple, configurable, scalable, secure, and cost-effective. Wolken ServiceDesk helps overcome the pain points of a legacy customer service solution by integrating with multiple inbound and outbound channels like Social media, Email, Mobile app, web portal, and Telephony system. It has automated processes, de-duplication, single platform, and modern powerful UX. This helps in higher agent performance, greater customer satisfaction, and cost reduction. Use our ServiceDesk to transform your enterprise and build customer relationships that stand the test of time and loyalty.

Wolken HR Case Management

Wolken's HR Case Management System helps in bridging the gap between the employers and the employees swiftly and seamlessly. It's easy to use and facilitates quick communication and problem-solving thus ensuring constant employee satisfaction. Using our HR Case Management System, your employees can easily raise queries. Our system is equipped with a resourceful knowledge-base, which can be tailor-made according to your enterprise's needs, for a quick resolution.

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