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Support tickets are significant for customers, support teams, and companies alike. For customers, a support ticket is an individualized way to connect with support representatives to get their issues resolved. For customer support agents, tickets provide a trackable history of customers they assist. Overall, for companies, resolved tickets serve as valuable reference points for problem identification and resolution analytics.

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What is a Support Ticket Management Software?

Support ticket management software enables organizations to store, organize, and manage their service inquiries in one centralized hub. Tickets can come through a diverse customer channels, such as, phone calls, chats, or tweets. Your support ticket system channelizes all of your company's customer interactions to the same location.

Efficient Support ticket system software can improve customer support productivity in volumes. They allow support representatives to manage multiple cases easily at one time by collecting tickets and prioritizing them by their urgency.

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How does a Support Ticket Management Software benefit you?

In the current competitive business scenarios, clients have sky high service expectations. This is where customer ticketing software helps raise the bar of your service level provision. It builds a larger brand presence by fostering relationships with external customers. Here is how efficient ticketing software adds value to your organization:

Automate The Tedious

Single Point of Communication

For organizations with an overwhelming volume of tickets, there are chances of tickets getting lost or forgotten. Customer ticket management software serves as a centralized hub for support representatives to solve all queries from one place. It stores all complaints, queries and support requests at a single place with enhanced levels of organization. It empowers your support agents.


Effective Prioritization

Customer ticket systems provide the ability to focus on urgent tickets with organized and prioritized task lists so that customers need not wait long for effective support. This ensures that service agents are aware about urgent client complaints that need immediate attention


Round The Clock Support

Your customers and IT needs don’t stop at the close of business. Support ticket systems, capable of addressing these needs, at any time of day, make all the difference. They use past tickets as a foundation for a response, so they can provide round the clock support to clients with speed and accuracy.


Enhanced Routine Task Management

Support Ticket Management software provides an easy and convenient automation of mundane routine tasks through proper strategies.  You can now schedule tickets for routine tasks at a set time and assign it to a customer service rep. It also provides workflow automation of routine tasks like password reset requests so that the agents can address higher priority tickets.


Increase Collaboration & Communication

Support Ticket Management routes customer queries and complaints to the requisite department so that experts can provide answers. It also gives alerts and notifications updates on ticket status to users. You can align tickets and increases first-contact resolution rates.

Support Ticket Management –The Wolken Way

Wolken provides the best support ticketing system that propels seamless ticket organization and automation of repetitive administrative tasks. Armed with personal information on clients, now your service representatives can deliver personalized support experiences. Now boost visibility in customer service resolution and ensure service level agreements are met.

Here are rich features of our Support Ticket Management software:


Robust Integrations

Get ticketing management software with easy integrations into website and app or other platforms. Extend your capabilities with one-click integrations from our SDKs, APIs, and extensions.  Seamless integrations with your software suite makes it easy for users to submit service requests through preferred channels, convert them into tickets and manage centrally.


Scalable Software

Wolken best Support Ticketing system provides perfect solutions for flexible workforces. It can be scaled up or down based on your evolving business requirements. You can make adjustments in the software to handle increased workloads by adding users or removing them with minimal cost impact.


Multi-channel accessibility

Streamline your customer support efforts across multiple platforms. You can now offer diverse contact channels to allow users to choose as per their convenience. Provide an overall better experience to both your customers and agents with this freedom of choice.


Full Customization

Each customer is unique with distinct needs and demands. Get personalized ticket pages for customers. For every new query created, your agents can access the entire ticket history, past issues and resolutions, and any specific feedback. Customizations help you save time and nurture your customer base loyalty.


Enhanced Data Analytics

Wolken Support Ticketing software provides a robust dashboard that generates reports with targeted key performance indicators, such as, Mean Resolution time, First Contact Resolution, SLA Violations, backlog tickets, and user satisfaction. Get metrics in the form of scorecards to make key decisions.

Wolken Support Ticket Management System provides optimal ticket management solutions to provide top-quality customer service with minimum follow-ups. It boosts quality of customer service resolution, nurtures team collaboration, and increases bottom line profits

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