Working Remotely and Wolken Software’s Tussle in the Pandemic World

Working Remotely and Wolken’s Tussle in the Pandemic World

COVID-19 has been questioning the medical science as it keeps coming back with a more virulent strain each time and making it harder for the world to get back towards normalcy and leading the society to adopt new ways of functioning and accelerating the need for remote working. Working remotely is not just an isolated trend that is transpiring right now. Rather, the organizations are looking at remote working as a business  strategy and capability, regardless of how extensive the practice is for an individual or a team. According to Forbes, in 2025, 70% of the companies will permanently move their employees to the remote work model well after the COVID-19 Pandemic has ended.

Like the rest of the World, Wolken snoozed “office days” March2020 onwards for the larger part of the workforce due to the unforeseen events unfolding before us, compelling us to work from home. Working remotely is not necessarily a cake walk and comes with its own set of struggles. Collaboration and Communication always tops that list of struggles. When the pandemic hit, everyone was trying to figure out what just happened, trying to keep their families safe, staying within the constraints of their houses making work from home a major challenge in the initial phase.

We moved to a different era called “The Covid Times” where everything was supposed to be digital and the shift had to be swift. Luckily for Wolken, we being a SaaS software company making that shift was not very difficult but getting habituated to not seeing the team mates in person and connecting quickly just by walking to their aisles did take its own sweet time. Our very competent Wolkenites were now meeting each other over videoconferences to make sure that our Customers are happy and well supported. We had various editions of “All Hands Meet” at regular intervals to check, encourage, and motivate each other.

An Organization that responds to ambiguity at the speed of light is the kind of organization that is all set to sustain and grow. We are a strong group of individuals who stuck with each other and stood for our Customers around the clock making it all a little less troublesome because on the work front life was good. Not only did Wolken sustain but also added many feathers to our cap amidst the pandemic.

  •  We deployed our ServiceDesk for 12 New Clients remotely between March 2020 and April 2021 of which four are Fortune 200 Companies.
  • Worked endlessly to build a new product “Wolken Care” which is all set to launch.
  • Launched our first Newsletter – The Wolken Bulletin
  • Co-Sponsored & Chaired a Session at CCW Asia 2021
  • Hired 35+ resources across various departments and provided Internship opportunities to 10 students.

We believe that working collaboratively in the workplace increases the productivity of employees more than working remotely ever could, hence, were opened our office back in February 2021 in a phased manner abiding by all Covid19protocols. Unfortunately meeting face to face and working along with our fellow Wolkenites did not last long as the second wave of Covid19 hit India badly in April 2021 pushing us to work from where we were yet again. The conditions are improving, the Covid numbers seem to be going down across the country, domestic travel has resumed, the cities have opened up and we are evaluating the conditions thoroughly to come up with a plan to reopen our office and work together like olden days only with the masks on.

Wolken is committed to fight the pandemic and come out stronger for our Customers, our Employees and their families.

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