Wolken Customer Service Software's Impact on Businesses & Customers

Wolken Care Impact on Businesses & Customers

Wolken Care is a Cloud native SaaS enterprise solution that is completely self-serviceable and enables enterprises to provide superior customer service to their customers. It is ideal and best suited for any enterprise that is looking to set up a Customer Service tool that is simple, scalable, secure and promises to deliver the best customer experience.

Wolken Care deploys Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize customer service experience for your customers. The feature rich solution comes with a full-fledged, inbuilt Knowledgebase, auto - routing  of tickets based on rules and multiple automations thereby improving agent efficiency, resulting in quicker resolutions and enhanced customer satisfaction. And all this while reducing the overall cost of operations.

Wolken Care will not only make sure that you deliver excellent experience to your customers but also impact the CEO/CIO of your organization, your Customer Service Head, the teams working on Care and most importantly your Customers highly positively.

1. For the CEO/CIO : Personalized Care for all Your Customers

  • Low to No Coding Platform – Wolken care is a low to no coding platform, has a simple user interface and can be altered for customizations inhouse without spending a fortune on support.
  • Pay-as- you-Grow - Wolken Care comes with a unique pricing model of ‘’Pay as you grow’’. A transparent, simple and effective model as you'd be paying only for the active agents using Care on a monthly subscription basis giving you flexibility and empowerment.
  • Reduced Support Cost - Our self-serve platform ensures that you require zero to very little assistance from Wolken to set up the tool and get started with it with just a simple click and customize the fields and the user interface as per your convenience.

2. For the Customer Success Head  : Get a 360° Holistic View of Case Status and Team Performance

  • Unified View- Wolken care’s unified view helps to manage queries from various channels like email, Facebook, twitter or chat all in one place therefore reducing the time taken to respond and solve the cases much faster.
  • Productivity Check – Wolken Care helps monitor the individual and team performances through Intelligent dashboards and real time reports generated by our intelligent business tool, Cubot.
  • Easy Setup and Configurability – Wolken Care lets you create your own dashboard views within minutes by setting up conditions without any code to facilitate auto assignment of cases to the right individuals and teams based on their skillsets.

3. For the Agent  : Quicker Case Resolution and Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

  • In-built Knowledge Base - Agents have access to all assets of the case and detailed knowledge articles that help them to resolve the cases faster and much efficiently.
  • Improved Productivity - The cases are auto assigned to the relevant individuals and teams therefore excluding any manual interference. The workbench feature allows the individuals to solve multiple queries simultaneously hence saving time and improving efficiency.
  • Customer Satisfaction and SLA – Wolken Care lets agents resolve cases quickly and effectively to enhance Customer satisfaction and in the process meet all the requisite SLA’s with no breaches as the system is a well-oiled machinery and lets the individuals work to the best of their efficiency.

4. For the Customers : Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction with Wolken Care

  • Self Service and Ease of Use - Wolken care is a holistic, self-serve platform with a user friendly, customer centric interface that is simple and quick to raise queries.
  • Rich Knowledge Base – Our rich, inbuilt Knowledge Base empowers customers to quickly resolve issues without raising tickets by just referring to the knowledge articles.
  • Prompt Notifications - Wolken care’s auto response templates brings timely updates on your cases delivered right in your mailbox and also by means of notifications in the notification centre.

To know more about Wolken Care, visit www.wolkensoftware.com or send us an email to sales@wolkensoftware.com

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Parikshith P D