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Know all about Wolken Care launch

Wolken Care – An Enterprise-Class, Self Service, Customer ServiceDesk for Small and Medium Businesses!

Wolken Software has created a name in enterprise customer service and IT service management. Wolken was established in 2011 by founders Mr. Rohan Joshi and Mr. Sudhir Prabhu, with a vision to deliver excellence in customer experience. A decade down, Wolken has grown into a reputed brand with over 30 esteemed Clients spread across the globe. As you read this, the ground beneath the customer service management space is shifting by leaps and bounds. 

Technology has increased its spread, enabling businesses to deliver a high-quality customer experience. The move accelerated due to the pandemic disrupting many physical customer care channels. Wolken has been a frontrunner in providing the best customer service tools across sectors. The recent launch of Wolken Care, the new self-service Customer ServiceDesk best suited for small and medium businesses in line with Wolken's commitment to the vision. The launch event was kickstarted by Team Wolken in the presence of several prominent names in the industry and Wolken's founders and clients.

A look at CX Trends 2022 & solutions

After the brief introduction to the product and a quick walkthrough of the agenda by the anchor of the event Ms. Akriti Kapoor, Global Head of Marketing the baton was handed over to Mr. Rohan Joshi, Co-founder, and CEO of Wolken who then kicked off the session with a deep dive into the CX trends of the day. Customer experience is key to retaining market share and business growth. Customers are now overwhelmed with options and are much more knowledgeable than before. Companies lose billions in annual revenue to poor customer experience.   You need a customer-centric approach to deliver the best customer experience out there.

Mr. Joshi highlighted the biggest challenges faced in Customer Service in delivering a superior customer experience and matched them against the possible solutions to ideate on the latest CX trends. This set the stage for a more comprehensive look at CX trends, customer service management, and Wolken's role in improving customer experience. Mr. Joshi touched upon the following key points in this segment of the launch:

Digital channels of communication

People have experienced that having multiple communication channels is vital, made evident by the pandemic. Of these, digital channels of communication are more resilient and a must-have. The call for omnichannel service delivery is being answered by many organizations.

Knowledge-based problem resolution

Customers expect a quick and thorough resolution of their concerns. Fortunately, modern technologies like AI and machine learning lend elegantly to crunching data in all forms and coming up with insightful information. Customer service is tapping into these technologies to deliver better quality in less time.

Multimodal virtual assistants

The first line of support is difficult to scale and be available around the clock. The use of virtual assistants or chatbots on various platforms compliments the first line of support to improve customer experience.

Tracking and monitoring 

Transactions recording of ticket resolution and monitoring the data to eliminate bottlenecks are increasingly gaining ground. Database repository and retrieval features in a customer service management tool is of immense value

Cross channel communication

WhatsApp and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are increasingly becoming a channel for the digital presence of business and customer service. Omnichannel capability is a must-have for any customer service management tool.

Configuring business rules

The workflow followed for delivering service is crucial to maintaining quality and effectiveness. A good customer service management platform should allow configuring workflow routes and rules to deliver high-quality customer service.

 What does Wolken Care bring for you?

In continuation with CX trends, Mr. Joshi spoke about the USP of the to-be-launched platform Wolken Care and Wolken’s thought process behind its development. Wolken Care was developed on the pillars of user-friendliness, ease of configuration, and faster deployment. Mr. Joshi stressed that Care in Wolken Care stands for Configure yourself, Access anywhere, Resolve issues, Ease of use. Wolken Care is a refreshing break from the highly complicated platforms available that are more difficult to configure and require more time and resources for deployment.

Although simple to use, configure and deploy, Wolken Care is loaded with features, flexibility, and scalability. Wolken Care is scalable, modular, open-source, and built on a modern tech stack. Wolken Care allows integration with other applications through APIs. Wolken Care has a rich and powerful BI tool that takes care of data visualization and analytics. Wolken Care has integrated knowledge management capability that enables better ticket resolution through recommendation systems. Below is a list of key benefits that Wolken Care offers:

  • Powerful BI tools
  • Integrated Knowledge Management capabilities
  • CSAT features for root cause analysis of issues
  • Lower CAPEX
  • Faster time to market
  • Faster ROI
  • TCO Reduction
  • Superior customer care
  • Enhances CX and EX
  • Dynamic View to create and load your preferred views
  • CSAT to record customer feedback and carry out root cause analysis

With this insightful presentation by Mr. Rohan Joshi, Wolken Care was officially launched and unveiled. The session was then passed onto Mr. Raghavendra Methre, Principal Architect of Wolken Care. 

 The first look into Wolken Care Interface

Mr. Raghavendra Methre started the session, hands-on, with a live demo of Wolken Care features and the configuration process. Wolken Care is a free to try, browser-based application. Mr. Methre gave a demo of the following initial setup and configuration steps for Wolken Care. 

You can access Wolken Care by looking up Wolken Software on to reach the company website. You will find Wolken Care under the products menu on the navigation bar. 

Wolken Software

Once you click on Wolken Care, you will navigate to the Wolken Care page. Click on the "Start Trial" button and start your free trial.

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The registration page will show up next where basic information about your company like company name, your name, location, phone number, the domain name is to be entered. A DNS is registered upon clicking the "Get Started" button. Login credentials for the initial login are sent automatically to the email id provided.

IT Service Management


You will be required to verify the email id by logging into the system using the credentials received. Once done, your free trial will start and be active for the next 100 days. Wolken invites interested companies to try the application and test it extensively. The trial plan comes with the enterprise plan that has access to all the features.

Once logged in, you will observe different panels for a user module, subscription model, channel configuration, and various tools available.

Wolken Software


Configuring an email address requires you to tweak your email forwarding settings in the email service like outlook or any other. All emails to that email id get registered as tickets inside the Wolken Care system. Wolken Care system enables email response from within the application.

Wolken Software


Similarly, configuring social media channels like Facebook and Twitter is as simple as adding the account details into the Wolken Care application. Once done, all posts and content posted on the Facebook page or Twitter handle will appear as tickets within the Wolken Care application. Response to the tickets can also be provided from within the Wolken Care application.

Wolken Care Customer Service Software


After this brief demo of the Wolken Care interface, Mr. Methre handed over the session to Mr. Preetham H R, Head of Products, VP at Wolken.


Wolken Care Features

Mr. Preetham HR elaborated on the key features of Wolken Care and the customer-centric approach to case management. Mr. Preetham stressed the user-friendliness and the capabilities of the Wolken Care suite. The key features highlighted include:

  • Configuring dynamic views in the application for efficiency
  • Workbench to work on multiple tickets simultaneously, in case of tickets with similar or identical issues
  • Unified history for convenient monitoring and auditing of the ticket history
  • Response templates to configure response for most common issues or scenarios
  • Omnichannel capabilities to integrate with email, mobile apps, social media like Facebook and Twitter. Multiple channels can generate tickets, and response capability is built in the Wolken Care app
  • Auto-assignment to route tickets to the most effective resolution in the configured workflow
  • Business rules configuration based on events or time, send notifications, issue escalation, etc.
  • Pre-built real-time dashboards and customized reporting capabilities

Mr. Preetham urged participants to signup for the free trial of 100 days to try out the application and test it extensively to assure of the product capabilities and value.


Customers speak

The session then moved on to highlight the experience of Wolken's existing clientele. Wolken's customers were upbeat about the capabilities of Wolken's products and the experience working with the Wolken team.

Prashant Shenoy – VP, Customer Service, OnMobile

OnMobile started with Wolken around 2013. OnMobile was using JIRA as internal flow in the early days and found it challenging. OnMobile had 50 customers, 150 locations, 3000 servers, and managing it was nightmarish. Mr. Prashant stressed the impressive first demo given by the Wolken team, and OnMobile decided to switch over. He found that going live with the Wolken application was fast and easy with preconfigured templates and ease of deployment. Mr. Prashant highlighted the excellent support from Wolken over the years. Onmobile was able to scale up and implement all the best practices of the ITIL framework. OnMobile never looked back after signing up with Wolken. OnMobile currently manages 2000-3000 tickets a day with all things configured in a very smooth system. Mr. Prashant wished the Wolken team all the success with Wolken Care.

Harvinder Gandhi, Group Chief Information Officer, Orix Auto Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Harvinder Gandhi started with what not to do in implementing a good solution. The wrong way to implement is to complicate stuff with unnecessary sophistication. Instead, he opines that a ready-to-work product that can quickly go live is better, just like the Wolken applications. Mr. Harvinder focused on the minimum benchmark features and capabilities and decided that the Wolken applications exceeded his expectations. Orix did an MVP launch and tried the application for one month. After being satisfied, Orix launched the product, and it is working great. Orix implemented Wolken for two different business lines and is doing it in their third business line. Mr. Harvinder stressed the ability of Wolken products to be deployed and launched faster.

Sunil Bhumralkar, Chartered Accountant, IT, Pharmaceutical, Advisor to Strategic Growth companies

Sunil has worked as an advisor to strategic growth companies and has worked in multiple sectors. Mr. Sunil has known Mr. Rohan for over two decades and has worked with Wolken. Mr. Sunil was happy to see Wolken successfully replacing incumbent products in the space of world-class customer service solutions through simplified products that can go live fast with cost-effectiveness.


Wolken’s customer support 

The final segment of the launch event was kicked off by Ms. Arti Saxena, Global Sales Head, VP at Wolken. Ms. Arti informed that a soft launch for Wolken Care happened two months back, and a few prospects like Freecharge, Sarvatra, and Orix were onboarded as customers. She went on to explain Wolken's customer support framework resting on four pillars:

Pre Sales team

The pre-sales team conducts a demo and engages with prospects to explain the product features and addresses queries.

Onboarding assistance

Wolken provides onboarding assistance to customers to assist them in the product creation and configuration stage

24x7 support

Wolken offers 24x7 support to ensure that you can offer the best service to your customers, at all times

Upgrades and new features

The Wolken team is continuously working on adding new features and improving the products, helping you get the edge in delivering excellent customer service. 

The segment concluded with a Q&A session which answered the queries raised by the participants.


Final Words

Wolken Care is a holistic customer service management application that provides the most enabling set of features and the best workable solution for deployment. Built with the most modern tech, Wolken Care is designed to deliver customer service excellence. Wolken Care will not only enhance the capabilities of your agents but also turn them into the poster child of your brand image.

Wolken Software was founded on the principles of delivering high-quality customer service. Our long-lasting relationship with our customers is a sign of reliability they entrust to Wolken. We believe in delivering the best products to our clients, to help their business thrive, and achieve new heights of success. Register for the free trial of Wolken Care and do check it out. Our team would be happy to receive and respond to your queries, suggestions, and comments.

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