IT Service Management Tools

IT Service Management (ITSM) is an enormous leap in enhancing the IT operations of a business, made possible through IT Service Management Tools. ITSM helps companies understand, monitor, and control their IT assets that drive their business day in and day out.

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What is IT Service Management Tools?

ITSM tools are software applications that virtualize the IT service workflow of your organization. IT service requests become "tickets"  raised by authorized users on the network through ITSM tools. It becomes a record of the specific IT incident or problem that calls for a solution from your IT team.  The ticket can be tracked, monitored, escalated, and even passed on for further processing.

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Why does your organization need an ITSM Tool?

ITSM software applications have made IT services organized and available at the click of a button. IT Service Management tools make complex business processes manageable even for global conglomerates spread in multiple countries. What makes up the best ITSM tools? ITSM tools help you with –

Automate The Tedious


IT Service Management Tools streamline business processes like software/hardware requests, issues, upgrades, asset monitoring, and resource requirements. Automated workflows improve efficiency and reduce potential downtime. Faster workflows through your system translate to more revenue.



IT Service Management Tools bring visibility to the entire IT workflow to avoid gaps in service delivery. ITSM tools help organizations understand the dark and bright spots in their system using automation, notifications, and reporting.



The first step towards managing something as complex as the IT services of an organization is to monitor and understand it. ITSM tools provide several reporting functionalities that help you gain insights from day-to-day operations to improve business processes.


Asset Management

ITSM tools help organizations manage their assets and understand new resource requirements efficiently. ITSM tools can monitor software and hardware assets spread over the network, streamline upgrades, and manage IT costs.



Be on top of the game with proactive actions that weed out potential problems using the intelligent insights gained from ITSM tool reporting capabilities. Plan future resource requirements and get ahead of the curve for smooth business operations.


ITSM delivered the Wolken Way

Wolken IT Service Management Application helps you get greater control of your business operations, driving efficiency through the roof. Wolken ITSM tool is our vision of technology-driven excellence in service. Wolken ITSM tool is capable of incident management, change request management, problem management, knowledge base, SLA management, and many more.  Get ready to take your IT Service Management to a whole new level with Wolken ITSM.

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What you get from Wolken

Wolken ITSM is built on the most modern technology and exceeds the industry benchmark standards for ITSM tools. Our IT Service Management application is loaded with features and delivers the finest quality. Wolken ITSM tools helps you with –

An intuitive user interface


Wolken ITSM tool streamlines incident management catering to network downtimes, software errors, etc. By bringing a high level of automation and visibility into the incident, Wolken ITSM enables your team to respond faster and more effectively.

Data Repository

Enterprise integrations

Integrate the Wolken ITSM tool with your enterprise third-party applications through rich APIs. The Wolken IT Service Management application also comes with prebuilt application integration capabilities for the most popular set of enterprise applications, so that you can hit the ground running.

Data Visualization
SLA management

Let Wolken ITSM application manage your SLA protocols and focus on the core case management. The Wolken ITSM tool helps you configure SLA rules, timeframes, escalation policies, and notifications so that you never miss even the smallest detail in service delivery.

Process Integration
Knowledge Management

The Wolken ITSM application has a built-in knowledge base that captures data with each ticket resolution and makes it available at the click of a button. Intelligent recommendation systems and knowledge management features help your IT services tackle complex problems on the fly.

Search capabilities
Gaze into your business operations

Wolken ITSM brings with it state-of-the-art reporting and analytics that help you understand your business operations better. Get insightful reads on resource utilization, future requirements, sore points, potential process improvements, and problem mitigation measures.

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Wolken IT Service Management Tool gives you the leverage to level up your IT services. The Wolken team is committed to delivering excellence in IT services through high-end products and modern technology.

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