Impact of IVA tools on ITSM practitioners.

Wolken Software is excited to present our next webinar in association with Pink Elephant on the Impact of IVA tools on ITSM Practitioners

When: August, 19th 2022

Hour: 11AM EST | 8AM PT | 830 PM IST

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  • How does ML assist to have a conversation
  • How can BOTs be integrated with existing infrastructure
  • Industry Perspective and Readiness towards IVA in ITSM
  • Benefits of IVA tools to enhance CX

Akriti Kapoor - 5 minutes

Introduction to the webinar

George Spalding - 15 minutes

Impact of IVA tools

Raj Tumuluri & Preetham HR- 30 minutes

A quick Demo of OpenStream and Wolken ITSM Tool

QnA - 10 minutes


Akriti Kapoor

Head Of Global Marketing,
Wolken Software

George Spalding

Executive Vice President,
Pink Elephant

Preetham HR

VP & Head Of Products,
Wolken Software

Raj Tumuluri


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