Meld Your HR and Technology for Superior Case Management

An ideal case management software ensures your human resources department will not only manage each and every case effectively but will also respond to queries on company policies and law, employee issues, government legislation and other generic requests. The Wolken Service Desk provides a means to respond, control, manage and resolve these swiftly and on a consistent basis to integrate a more human element at every step of each process.

Features of the Wolken System

In addition to standard HR case management capabilities, we offer specialized means to enhance your business efficiency.

What Your HR Department Can Gain

Refine your HR case management and bring a renewed energy to all employee-related functions

Quick Resolution
Instantaneous resolution of queries and escalations
Regulation Adherence
Straightforward guidance of employees with access to portal
Smoother Operations
Overall seamless workflow with clarity on all levels
Enable employees to resolve queries and reduce HR manpower required

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