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Deliver a personalised, fast and flexible customer service experience to your customers using  Wolken ServiceDesk. 

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Customer Service the Wolken Way

Wolken ServiceDesk has multiple configurable tools that are essential for every enterprise - our knowledge base, pre-built enterprise integrations, and 24/7 backend support, ensure not only fast responses and satisfactory solutions but also a personalised experience in every interaction.

Wolken ServiceDesk's omnichannel feature allows your customers to reach you via multiple touchpoints such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Widget etc, and assits in providing a personalised experience through intelligent routing of tickets as per customers and complexity.

Respond, route, resolve and analyze customer requests rapidly with a platform that auto-categorizes and auto-assigns them to the right team instantly. Rely on Wolken’s expertise to manage various cases, collate intelligence and analyze data for guaranteed resolutions.

What Wolken ServiceDesk offers you

Knowledge Base

Search, tag and find insightful articles easily in Wolken’s centralized repository for prompt resolutions. 

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Enterprise Integrations

Wolken ServiceDesk comes with multiple prebuilt enterprise application integrations.

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Set predefined rules for your business processes to ensure unerring deliveries.

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Wolken ServiceDesk is equipped with multiple channels to enable seamless customer interactions anytime, anywhere.

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Wolken ServiceDesk facilitates effective operational reporting through intelligent insights and customizable dashboards.

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 Mobile App

Wolken Mobile App for the customer on the go

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