Deep dive into the modern customer service help desk

Customer service has become the backbone of modern business. Customer preferences drive business decisions around the globe. If your business is not yet doing so, it's high time for you to engage in course correction. In the modern competitive markets with fewer barriers for entry and exit, being in touch with your customers is vital for survival. What better way to stay in touch other than the modern customer service help desk?

At Wolken, we are constantly trying to enrich businesses with technology to boost growth and mitigate risks. What risks? Even after the most careful planning and brilliant strategy, things go wrong. Even after building a highly competent team, your business might fail in realizing growth. Your latest product might tank after you have put in tons of time, money, and resources in bringing it to the market. With so much volatility and uncertainty inherent in the business, you would want some control over your fate.


Businesses establish control over their activities by developing standardized processes and practices that produce predictable outcomes. Why should customer service be any different? You cannot afford to play dice with your customer service. The first step in taking control of customer service is implementing a robust system. Wolken has played a key role in several success stories, helping customers build such a customer service system, from the ground up.

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What is a customer service help desk system?

A customer service help desk software is an application that manages all interactions between your business and customers. It consolidates history, data, insights, and monitoring under a single interface and provides your agents a single window to deal with customer problems. It is your go-to place for tracking and monitoring customer interactions. Let’s take a look at some of the important elements of the best service desk software:

Automate The Tedious


A customer service help desk system automates your workflow originating from customer requests down to fulfillment. It tracks the request as it moves along the workflow and notifies of any delay based on pre-configured escalation protocols. Best service desk software can categorize and route requests effectively for issue resolution.


Multichannel connectivity

A customer help desk system consolidates all your communication under a unified window. Your agents can view, trace and respond to customer requests originating from various sources like phone calls, SMS, WhatsApp, social media, and emails through the application.


Knowledge is power

Empower your customer service agents with information at the click of a button to deliver better customer service. The customer service help desk organizes, and stores data for easy retrieval. You can also use the data analytics and BI features to derive insights from the data for business decisions.



Know the nitty-gritty of routine operations with powerful reporting and BI tools. Pull out ad-hoc reports or configure periodic reports as per your needs. Categorize, and summarize information with powerful report customization features to be on top of the game.

Customer Support – The Wolken Way!

Wolken Software was founded on the mission to empower customer service with state-of-the-art technology. We have lived up to this mission through our high-quality products that have set industry benchmarks in customer service management software. Wolken customer service software gives you the edge in the competitive market with a rich set of features and ease of deployment.

Wolken customer service software delivers excellent service through a simple interface and configurable architecture. With Wolken, you achieve the twin goals of smartness and speed. Our customer service software features:

An intuitive user interface


Wolken customer service help desk comes with a rich set of features like automation capabilities, knowledge base, omnichannel capabilities, reporting tools, escalation protocols, setting it at par with the industry best practices.

Data Repository


Wolken customer service help desk is a highly scalable platform. It can work for all businesses ranging from small start-ups to international MNCs. Wolken customer service help desk can also be deployed on the cloud, depending on customer requirements.

Data Visualization
Easy integration

Wolken offers a rich set of pre-configurations for the most common third-party applications so that you spend minimum time in application integrations. Further extension of Wolken customer service help desk is also possible through its rich set of API.

Process Integration

It sounds easy, but nothing works without being user-friendly. Wolken customer service help desk is a high-performance tool. You can configure most settings for customer interactions at the click of a few buttons. This drastically reduces time-to-market and simplifies the implementation.

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Wolken offers the best service desk software that could be your ticket to excellent customer service. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

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