Wolken brings the best help desk software for your growing business

Help desk software is a one-stop-shop for your customer interactions. Best help desk software becomes your window of interface with customers and replaces the traditional service queue with automated workflow. Help desk applications have become the industry norm for grappling with high expectations associated with customer service.

Wolken help desk software is a high-performance, user-friendly and scalable solution implemented by several happy customers. It is built with the latest technology and equipped with the most modern features to serve your business needs for the years to come. Our team's expertise in IT-enabled services has turned the Wolken help desk into an effective and viable tool for business growth.

Organizations now deal with an informed, rational, and demanding customer pool. We are witnessing an unforgiving market that throws out businesses that cannot keep up and reward those that stay ahead of the game. You stay ahead of the game by sensing the latest trends, adopting the latest technology, and doing what the market tells you to do

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What can the Wolken help desk do for you?

Wolken brings you the best help desk software with features, operability, and implementation. Wolken help desk delivers high performance in an easily configurable tool that makes implementation faster which ranks it among the top 10 help desk software in the market. Some of the key features of the Wolken help desk software are:

Automate The Tedious

Workflow automation

Our help desk software virtualizes your business workflow in compliance with your business policies, requirements, and workflow dependencies. Our application tracks the status of tickets within the workflow in real-time to raise notifications or initiate escalation protocols. It can automatically route tickets through the most efficient workflow paths for better resolution in minimum time. You can also pre-configure standard automated responses to the most common customer requests. Wolken brings you the best help desk software that combines speed, high performance, and quality.


Omnichannel communication

Our help desk application consolidates your customer communication under one interface. Feel free to engage with your customers on any medium of their choice, be it email, SMS, phone calls, WhatsApp, and social media. Enjoy the benefits of having all customer communication organized and sorted automatically under a single roof. With the Wolken help desk, you can retrieve the communication history related to a ticket or a customer at the click of a button.



Wolken help desk can be easily integrated with other third-party applications to extend its capabilities. We offer a suite of easily configurable and pre-defined integrations with the most common third-party applications. If you want more flexibility in approach, Wolken offers a rich set of APIs for interfacing with third-party applications of our choice. Customer service is like crossing bridges and Wolken help desk lives up to the philosophy when it comes to integration with enterprise applications.


Knowledge Base

At the heart of our high-performance help desk, the application is a rich knowledge base where you can pool information from business transactions, communications, and best practices to turn it into enterprise know-how. Knowledge gives you power in most situations and customer service is no different. Better information helps you make better decisions leading to better customer service.



The best plans and tools are incomplete without effective monitoring. Wolken help desk features a rich set of reporting and analytics capabilities to track the system workflow in real-time. With the Wolken help desk, you can pull out customized ad-hoc real-time reports or schedule routine reports periodically to identify pain points and address them proactively. Enhance your understanding of numbers with a rich set of analytics and visualization tools to gain sharper insights. Wolken help desk leaves no loose ends when it comes to knowing your business performance.

Why should you choose the Wolken help desk?

Wolken offers the best help desk software in terms of features and performance. It certainly finds its spot at the top of the Top 10 help desk software available. A few key benefits of Wolken help desk software are:

Automate The Tedious


Wolken help desk is a lightweight and highly scalable software that can grow with your business. It is built on the latest technology and is future-ready.


Faster implementation

Wolken help desk comes with pre-configured modules for faster deployment. You can easily customize them as per your requirements at the click of a few buttons. The Wolken help desk was built for faster time-to-market and minimized hassles in implementation.


High performance

Wolken help desk features the complete set of industry benchmark features for the best help desk software out there. Wolken keeps rolling updates and adding more features to stay ahead of the trends.


Customer support

We have an excellent customer support team and a string of customer success stories. We help our customers at every stage of the project, true to Wolken's business model built on the quest for excellent customer service.

Wolken offers you the best helpdesk ticketing system out there. Get in touch with our team to find out more about our products.

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