Flexible and Scalable Service Management Solutions – Not an option but a business need

Flexible and Scalable service management solutions - Not an option but a business need

In today’s high velocity and agile business world, it is imperative for technology leaders not just to keep up with the changes in the business environment but be capable of shaping it too. Enterprises need to evolve fast in order to stay competitive in the fast-changing business landscape. However, CIOs are caught halfway between a constant imbalance between IT expenditures and capacity. Sometimes, having too much capacity can waste valuable capital while having too little capacity can be a threat for businesses as they fail to respond to new opportunities. No matter, how much optimization is done, the capacity a business needs to grow never seems to synchronize with the capacity available.Continue reading

AI exceeds Human Performance in Customer Service – A look into the Future

 AI exceeds human performance in customer service-LOOK INTO FUTURE

The march of technology is whizzing past milestones, revealing AI(artificial intelligence) concepts and breakthroughs that have surpassed expectations. The time is not far off when we get to see AI impacting our lives in ways that will make us realize that not all science fiction is fiction after all. Though this may have sounded profound and hyperbole earlier, it is not so anymore. There is no escaping the fact that AI has smashed barriers, thanks to the development of software and systems that have ushered in the likes of Sophia the robot that effortlessly handled an interaction recently without its mentor.Continue reading

5 Biggest Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in Customer Servicing 2018

5 Biggest Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in Customer Servicing 2018

Some of the more defining, or shall we say re-defining moments in customer service is the manner in which Artificial Intelligence powered bots have lent an edge to operations. A staggering 2 million conversations are handled by bots in a merchant bank in China, every single day. This is just one example of what is possibly a very long list of accomplishments by AI in customer servicing. The future of customer servicing is exciting, with innovations promising to elevate performance and enhance customer experience. Take a look at what can be expected in the AI horizon, that will impact customer servicing in a big way in 2018. Continue reading

Wolken bags Two Awards for its Service Desk Software

Wolken Bags Rising Star and Great User Experience Awards for Service Desk Software 2017

The Wolken team is honoured and happy to announce that our Enterprise Service Desk is now the proud recipient of two coveted awards—the Great User Experience Award and the Rising Star Award for 2017. Presented by FinancesOnline, a reputed software review platform that independently evaluates and reviews B2B solutions, the awards are a testament to our commitment to offer a product that facilitates faster, smoother and streamlined internal business operation processes. The awards were in recognition of Wolken for best service desk software. Continue reading